Lee Yeon-su, open courtship for “No nonmarriage…

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

The original teen star, Lee Yeon-su, goes on open courtship.

TV Chosun’s ‘Perfect Life’, which airs on the night of the 18th, appears in the 1980s’Book Support Goddess’, the original teen star, and actor Lee Yeon-su to reveal their daily lives.

Lee Yeon-su, who is still beautiful, said, “I came to ‘Perfect Life’ for ‘public courtship’,” and everyone’s attention was focused. She said, “I’m not an unmarried person, and I want to have a relationship, but (males) came to me and didn’t give it to me.”

On this day, Lee Yeon-su, who is 51, enjoys the first Halloween party in her life. Singer Kim Bu-yong and Kool’s Kim Seong-soo, who sang the song “Poverty in Abundance’, were forcibly invited to this party and made a laugh.

In particular, Lee Yeon-su’s manager surprised everyone by revealing that he was Kim Bu-yong’s ‘brother’. So Lee Yeon-su said, “I live like a family with Kim Bu-yong,” he added, “calling Kim Bu-yong’s mother as ‘mother’, and as a ‘regular’ of a restaurant run by his mother. Like this, a special relationship with Kim Bu-yong is revealed.

In addition, after panel Hong Gyeong-min said, “There was a book support for my sister (Lee Yeon-su),” Kim Seong-soo of Cool also shyly confessed that he was a’steamed fan’ of Lee Yeon-su, saying, “I saw the drama ‘Tiger Teacher’ because of Yeon-soo.” Was collected. Accordingly, Lee Yeon-su also said, “(Kim Seong-soo) was much more handsome in the real thing,” and the warm atmosphere of singles continued.

Meanwhile, Lee Yeon-su’s manager says, “Lee Yeon-su’s ideal type is’Joo Ji-hoon’,” and suddenly, in the studio, ‘Lee Yeon-su’s improvised ideal type World Cup’ unfolds. MC Ryu Soo-young and Hong Gyeong-min, as well as the expert corps, all appearing as candidates for the ideal type of’Perfect Life’, who was finally chosen by Lee Yeon-su in the World Cup will be revealed on the broadcast.

TV Chosun’Perfect Life’ with the original ‘Book Support Goddess’ Lee Yeon-su will be available at 8 pm on the 18th.


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