Yoon Bo-mi, nose picked… “You know it’s just an action?” Wacky + fur charm

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Group A Pink member Yoon Bo-mi showed off her strange and hairy charm.

On the 18th, Bomi Yoon posted a photo on her Instagram with a post saying, “Before training, #Bomiya Jiji #Witches #You know what it is?”

Yoon Bo-mi poses before filming MBC’s new digital entertainment program ‘Witches’. In the published photo, Yoon Bo-mi poses as if she was picking her nose, while her eyes closed and her hands are well-groomed while sleeping. Mint-colored padding made Yoon Bo-mi’s charming charms stand out.

In response, model Joo Woo-jae also commented with a sense of “Yesul, don’t be sad.” Yoon Bo-mi appears as Moon Ye-seul in MBC Every1’s drama ‘Please Don’t Meet That Guy’, and exhaustively mentions the role name and Yoon Bo-mi’s ‘Real Character’ Apink’s song ‘NoNoNo’.

Netizens responded with “You’re so cute”, “Health comes first”.

On the other hand, ‘Witches’ with comedian Kim Min-kyung and cheerleader Park Ki-ryang of Yoon Bo-mi depicts the process of challenging members of society to participate in a baseball game. It is scheduled for the first broadcast in December.


Photo|SNS of Bomi Yoon

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