BTOB 4U, Lee Min-hyuk “Yook Sungjae said to organize ‘D2D’, as half of BTOB members remain” (‘Cultwo Show’)

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Group BTOB 4U revealed the story that almost became D2D.

Group BTOB 4U appeared as a guest in the corner of the SBS Power FM ‘2’o clock’s Escape Cultwo Show’ (hereinafter ‘Cultwo Show’) broadcast on the 19th. Comedian Shin Bong-sun sat in the DJ seat after a long time.

DJ Kim Tae-gyun asked how he selected the group name for the boy group BTOB’s unit ‘BTOB 4U’, saying, “I was recommended by the fans for the group name.”

Lee Chang-seop said, “There was also B2B purple,” Lee Min-hyuk said, “Because the member Yook Sung-jae is half of B2B, I asked what it would be like for DTOD.”

Seo Eun-kwang introduced, “This new song was composed by member Lim Hyun-sik.” Lee Min-hyuk said, “It contains the desire to give up strength in difficult times like these days. One of the greatest strengths is love, so I wrote a song called ‘Show your love.'”

On the other hand, B2B 4U released their first mini album ‘INSIDE’, debuting on the 16th.

Photo|SBS Visible Radio

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