‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’ Go A-ra Lee and Jae-wook, romance crisis again?

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Another variable came to the romance of Go A-Ra and Lee Jae-wook from ‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’.

In the 13th episode of KBS2’s Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’ (director Kim Min-kyung, play Oh Ji-young, production Monster Union) broadcasted on the 18th, Goo Lara(played by Go A-ra) and Seonwoo Jun (played by Lee Jae-wook) once again confirmed their strong feelings toward each other. He declared ‘goodbye’ for a while for the future, but even though he was far away, his affection remained the same. ‘New Face’ Jeong Ga-young (played by Kwon Eun-bin) appeared in front of Goo Lara and Seonwoo Jun, who have only found their place, raising curiosity about the romance of ‘La Ra-jun’, which cannot be vigilant until the end.

The surprise wedding between Goo Lara and Cha Eun-seok (played by Kim Joo-heon), which shocked everyone, ended with an incident. This was part of the promotion of the small wedding business by Jin Ha-young (played by Shin Eun-soo) and Lee Seung-gi (played by Yoon Jong-bin). Seonwoo Jun, who became a ‘Wedding Crasher’ after recklessly visiting the wedding hall, brought Goo Lara out, was suffering from embarrassment when he heard the whole story of the incident. The two people who had a happy time leaving for a quiet beach reaffirmed their love. They were two people who declared ‘goodbye for a moment’ and spent their time, but their hard minds remained unchanged. However, over the appearance of the two happy people, Seonwoo Jun’s meaningful narration, saying, “I liked this moment so much that I thought it would be good if our story ends with a happy ending here”, which somehow caused an unclear anxiety.

Earlier, Goo Lara paid the money he had prepared by selling the car ‘Juju’ that his father bought, to Seonwoo Jun’s mother, Jo Yoon-sil (Seo Lee-sook), and liquidated her life as a’lovely debtor’. However, Seon Woo-jun found a receipt that Goo Lara could not take out in the envelope handed to Jo Yoon-sil and recovered Juju. Seonwoo Jun said, “Do not repay money without permission,” and expressed his anxiety about his anxiety, saying that he wished to present Juju again to Goo Lara and be bound by debts during the breakup. In addition, Seonwoo Jun found a couple teacup used by Goo Lara’s parents at Lara Land, which he had found after a long time. He remembered Goo Lara’s words that he would later share with her husband, and his cute figure keeping one in hand also smiled.

Goo Lara’s prediction, who deduced Cha Eun-seok as the social media supporter ‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’, was wrong. Cha Eun-seok participated in Goo Lara’s search for ‘shiny stars’, saying that it seemed to have caused a misunderstanding. The two asked for help from Choo Min-su (played by Choi Kwang-je) to find the person who delivered the piano to La La Land. Choo Min-soo, like an expert (?), quickly found the owner of a used piano store and found out that the person who ordered the piano was Kim Man-bok (Lee Soon-jae). However, Kim Man-bok was lying in the green house where Goo Lara went to express his gratitude. Many questions, such as when Kim Man-bok knew and helped Goo Lara, whether he really was a ‘shining star’, fell into a labyrinth again as Kim Man-bok fell.

As Kim Man-bok fell, an unexpected crisis struck Eunpo Village. Kim Man-bok’s son, whose business is difficult, decided to sell Jin Hair and Lara Land. Lee Seung-gi, who is sharing the Lara Land building, finally contacted Seonwoo Jun to inform him of the situation as the pain grew. After learning the situation, Seonwoo Jun secretly headed to Eunpo to meet Kim Man-bok, and met Cha Eun-seok at the hospital. In a conversation between the two of us after a long time, Cha Eun-suk mentioned the bold actions of Seonwoo Jun, who took the bride away from the wedding hall. Then Seonwoo Jun said, “You only need to think about one. Lara” in a small way, causing excitement. Cha Eun-seok confessed to Seonwoo Jun that the life of the two people brought back their laughter, and the two people who were guarding each other openly and sincerely established friendship brought warmth.

After Seonwoo Jun secretly went to Eunpo, good news came one after another. Thanks to ‘Wedding Crasher’ Seonwoo Jun, Jin Ha-young and Lee Seung-ki’s ‘Joyful Wedding’ promotional video exploded. In addition, when Cha Eun-seok bought the building, it was possible to maintain the building with memories of Eunpo. Goo Lara said, “I’m glad Lara Land has not disappeared. On a happy day like today, it would be nice to be with you, too.” She wanted to share the peace and joy her recovered with Seonwoo Jun.

Even for a moment of peace, a mysterious character Ga-young Jung appeared in front of Seonwoo Jun. Jung Ga-young approached Seon Woo-jun, who was choosing a ring for Goo Lara, “I found it. In the meantime, did you not want to see me?” The attention is focused on what variables Jung Ga-young’s appearance in front of two strong people will act as a factor in their romance.

The audience rating of the 13th recorded 4.0% (based on the Nielsen Korea metropolitan area in the second part) and continued hot response. ‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol’ episode 14 will be broadcast today (19th) at 9:30 pm.


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