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[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Hope TV SBS talks about various sharing under the theme of’Sharing Protects Us’ on the 30th anniversary of its founding on November 20 and 21.

In the era of COVID-19, when my neighbors are safe not only for me, but also for our society, it is a more necessary time for me than ever to practice sharing for vulnerable groups who are marginalized by safety. Under the slogan of ‘Sharing protects us’, 2020 Hope TV tries to listen to the difficult stories of our neighbors rather than beyond the global village.

Hope TV Under the name of a miracle of 23 years, we invite celebrities who have practiced sharing in Africa through Hope TV again and show Before & After, organizing Hope TV’s activities in Africa, helping the gifted in need, helping the gifted in need, and putting social distancing into blind spots. It introduces projects for the elderly who are alone in the home and related corporate CSR activities and practices sharing with neighbors around us.

Through Part 1~3, the representative sharing evangelists of Hope TV have been dispatched. Park Sang-won, Jung Ae-ri, Yoo Jun-sang, Hong Eun-hee, and others introduced the life change through Hope TV and the story behind the scenes. Check whether you have followed the

With the prolonged COVID-19, the ‘Life Sharing Concert’ is also aired, which talks about the need for ‘blood donation’ to save lives and encourages blood donation as the number of donors who donate blood decreases due to concerns about corona infection due to blood donation and social distancing.

In commemoration of the 115th anniversary of the Korean Red Cross, 115 families of many (multi) blood donors were invited and Everland was also invited to this concert. Singers such as Won Mi-yeon, Changmin, Hongja, ONF, TOO, and other singers perform and invite celebrities who have practiced sharing through Hope TV and look back on Hope TV.

In order to thoroughly comply with the quarantine guidelines of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in accordance with the corona era, KF94 disposable masks are provided to the audience along with systemic disinfection through air curtains, and family tents are specially installed to minimize contact with others to enjoy a safe and enjoyable concert. We prepared customized viewing etiquette for COVID-19 so that you can do it.

In 2020 Hope TV SBS, actor Oh Yoon-ah meets the mothers of Heart Heart Orchestra members composed of developmentally disabled people, listens to the stories of mothers with developmentally disabled children, and actors Uee and Nam Ian directly visit the elderly alone to examine the elderly problem, the biggest social problem in Korea. see. It talks about the changed future of Africa through ‘Building 100 Hope Schools in Africa’, a long-term project started with late (high) Park Yong-ha, and introduces a housing improvement project in which actress Uee changed a child’s home.

2020 Hope TV ‘Sharing Protects Us’ broadcasts for a total of 12 hours and 5 minutes from 9:10 am on the 20th to 10:55 am on the 21st, and consists of 7 parts. All NGOs, including the Korean Red Cross (Good Neighbors, Good People, Milal, Children’s Foundation, World Vision, and Heart-Heart Foundation) are working together.

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