‘OnDream School’ Sean “Saved 10,000 won and donated the day after marriage with Jeong Hye-young”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

How do students these days recognize millennium hip-hop singer Sean?

At KBS1’s ‘On Dream School’, a youth sympathy concert, aired on the 22nd, legendary hip-hop singer Sean appears as a mentor and gives a lecture on the theme of ‘The Good Rich Man’s Chin Flex.’

Sean, who was on the stage of the lecture on this day, recognized himself and was confused when he saw 100 students greeted with applause and cheers, saying, “It’s amazing how young people know me.”

In response, Hwang Kwang-hee said, “These days, my friends know you, but… After taking luck, he said, “I know that I am a donation angel, not a hip-hop singer.”

In the midst of this, Hwang Gwang-hee announced the reactions of the general public, saying, “I have to be filled with something to donate” and “Because Sean is also sharing this way, I do it.” In this way, Sean has been riding a car for 21 years and riding a bicycle for the most part. He said he made a donation.

From the day after he married his wife, Jeong Hye-young, he donated 3,500,000 won, which he saved for a year, for a year. The money collected in this way became a large amount of 14.46 million won at the age of 4 years. The simple yet meaningful ‘10,000 won happiness’ of the couple Sean and Jeong Hye-young is said to have led to a ‘miracle of ten thousand won’, which is now worth tens of billions of won, making them wonder what the miracle the donor angel Sean created.

While interest is focused on Sean’s lecture, which breaks the stereotype of donation, Chin Flex, which has a different class to learn from the donor angel Sean, can be found at ‘OnDream School’ at 10:10 am on the 22nd.


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