‘Startup’ Drama topical 2 weeks in a row, No. 1… Bae Suzy performer topped the list

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

tvN’s Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Startup’ ranked first in the topic of the drama for two consecutive weeks.

tvN ‘Startup’ decreased by 3.63% compared to the previous week, but recorded No. 1 in the drama for two consecutive weeks. There was an opinion that Kim Sun-ho’s narrative was stronger than Nam Joo-hyuk x Bae Suzy and hindered the immersion of the drama, and there were frequent comments saying that it would be nice to treat the narratives of the cast members in a balanced way. In addition, there were many reactions that the chemistry of Lee Bo-young and Kim Sun-ho, who appeared in special appearances, stood out. In the topic of the drama cast, Bae Suzy was in the first place, Nam Joo-hyuk was in third place, and Kim Sun-ho was in fourth place.

The second place in the drama was tvN ‘The Tale of a Gumiho’, a 5.04% decrease in topicality compared to the previous week, but the ranking rose one notch. The scene where Kim Yong-ji, who was caught in hints, aimed at Kim Bum’s vital spot, became a big topic, and the video recorded the highest number of views in the drama video category in the second week of November (based on good data collection). In addition, great anticipation was formed for the spinoffs of the two to be broadcast next week. Drama Performers Lee Dong-wook, Jo Boa, Italy, and Kim Bum ranked second, fifth, sixth, and eighth in the topic of each drama cast.

SBS ‘Penthouse’ decreased topicality by 9.84% compared to the previous week, falling one place in the drama to 3rd place, and the score decreased for 2 consecutive weeks after the first broadcast. The party scene of the upper class that appeared in episode 4 became a hot topic among netizens, and a number of negative reactions such as ‘comic’ to the appearance of imitating a Western nobility occurred. In addition, the opinion of ‘bizarre’ and contradicting viewership reactions of ‘it is interesting’ steadily appeared. Lee Ji-ah and Eugene in the topical category of the drama cast were ranked in 7th and 10th respectively.

JTBC ’18 Again’ rose 21.16% in topicality compared to the previous week, ranking 4th in the drama, and gaining the beauty of the kind. In the epilogue of the last episode, a lot of attention from netizens occurred, and netizens’ favorable comments poured out for finishing with a realistic daily life rather than a simple happy ending. In addition, there were many netizens who praised the acting of the actors who appeared in the roles of students at Serim High School, and many comments that the next work was expected.

tvN ‘Childcare Center’ dropped by 10.41% in topicality compared to the first broadcast parking, and fell one rank to fifth in drama. It is a popular drama that brings out realistic content in a pleasant way, and the attention of netizens was focused on Park Si-yeon’s special appearance. In the topic of the drama performer, Uhm Ji-won ranked 9th.

The 6th place in the drama was KBS2 ‘Oh! Samkwang Villa!’ The scene where Lee Jang-woo confessed his heart to Jin Ki-ju became a hot topic, and netizens’ rave reviews occurred for the natural acting of the two. In addition, actor Dong-ha newly joined, forming the expectation of netizens, and there were frequent reviews that his brilliant acting stood out.

Next, the 7th place in the drama was KBS2 ‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol (reduced topicality 1.93% from the previous week)’, the 8th place was MBC’s ‘Kairos (23.59% less topicality compared to the previous week)’, and the 9th place was JTBC ‘More than Friends’ compared to the previous week, topicality increased by 19.70%)’, and OCN’s ‘Search (topicality increased by 1.33% compared to the previous week)’ was in order.

This survey is based on news articles, blogs/communities, videos, and social media for 26 dramas that are broadcast or scheduled to be broadcast by Good Data Corporation, a TV topic analysis agency, from November 9, 2020 to November 15, 2020. This is the result of analyzing the reaction and released on November 16th.


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