‘Abracadabra’ Narsha X Jaejae, an hour full of special chemistry (total)

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

DJ Narsha and guest Jaejae showed off their special chemistry.

On the 20th broadcast of SBS Love FM ‘Narsha’s Abracadabra (hereinafter ‘Abracadabra’)’, SBS YouTube channel ‘MMTG’ PD Jaejae appeared as a guest.

On this day, after selecting one artist every week, Jaejae showed off her unique talent by appearing in the ‘Artist’s Masterpiece Fever’ corner where life songs from the two panels are voted on.

DJ Narsha mentioned the MBC entertainment program ‘Radio Star’ in which Jaejae recently appeared and said, “‘I’m actually an office worker, why do I have to do a personal skill?’ Jaejae said, “It was very interesting.”

In response, Jaejae said, “No one of the celebrities did a personal skill. Only me, an office worker, did a personal skill.” Jaejae made people laugh.

The behind-the-scenes of ‘Video Star’ was also revealed. Jaejae added, “In fact, ‘Lovers in Paris’ Kim Jong-un was also edited.

When asked whether to search for one’s name on the portal site, “I don’t look for a lot of articles, but when they upload ‘MMTGs’ or new content, I try to search for reactions.”

On this day, while the protagonist of the ‘Artist’s Classics’ section was selected as pop star Lady Gaga, Jae Jae revealed that Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ was her life song. He said, “This song contains various messages,” and recommended that it is a representative song that contains the spirit of Lady Gaga.

DJ Narsha chose Lady Gaga’s ‘Shallow’. She referred to the chorus’ lyrics, ‘Breaking the adversity of this world and going into our own world’, and explained the reason for the selection as “a song where I saw the musical bare face of Lady Gaga, which was hidden by a splendid performance.”

The stories of listeners related to Lady Gaga were also introduced.

One listener aroused the sympathy of DJ Narsha, saying, “I liked the movie ‘Star Is Born’ with ‘Shallow’ inserted so much that I drove three times.” While referring to the performance of the family, he said, “It was so nice that my parents ran the chicken farm,” and made the audience laugh.

DJ Narsha, listening to the songs requested by the listeners, confessed, “I want to learn English because I want to understand pop songs at once.”

In response, Jaejae said, “It’s different between being good at free-talking in English and understanding the lyrics,” she said, and that even she who can speak English tends to look for lyrics separately. Then DJ Narsha laughed and said, “Then I shouldn’t learn (English).”

On this day, listeners chose ‘Shallow’, which DJ Narsha selected as her life song, as Lady Gaga’s masterpiece.

Jaejae joked, saying, “Why don’t you have ears to listen like this, everyone,” and DJ Narsha added a warm atmosphere by showing a joyful ‘Gugugaga’ aegyo.

On the other hand, Jaejae is a planning PD and MC who directs SBS web content ‘MMTG’, and is nicknamed ‘Elderly People’, a combination of ‘celebrity’ and ‘public person’. She recently appeared on MBC’s entertainment program ‘Radio Star’ and showed off her unusual talk.


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