‘An unexpected event in my life’ Jung Joon-ho, Hugh Grant style… Han Hye-jin “It’s like an English man”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Jung Joon-ho fully digests the ’20s Wannabe Fashion’ and becomes a Korean’Hugh Grant’.

Jung Joon-ho participates in the first mission of senior model ‘TOP 16’ in episode 6 of MBN’s ‘An unexpected event in my life’ broadcast at 6 pm on the 22nd (Sun). In the fierce competition to complete the look that the twenties are enthusiastic about in the Dongmyo rescue market, ‘peer’ Jung Joon-ho also challenges an unconventional makeover with the help of Han Hye-jin and stylist Dong-Hyun Sung.

Jung Joon-ho, who usually showed a dandy style like ‘the classic 50s’, tries a vintage outfit for the first time on this day. Jung Joon-ho, who wore the hottest clothes these days, such as the ‘Tteokbokki coat’ he wore in school and a workwear-style leather jacket, shows a ‘winning smile’ of satisfaction after wearing a waxing jacket. He has a male feeling, resembles Hugh Grant.”

Jung Joon-ho, who is on fire with his praise from successive compliments, challenges with bold ‘jacket layering’ wearing a barber jacket over a classic jacket, and even a fashion that mixes and matches a casual T-shirt and jacket.

After trying hard, after completing the outfit of “the feeling of attending a high-end private school”, Jung Joon-ho climbs the runway at the site of his first mission evaluation and overwhelms the atmosphere. Jung Joon-ho’s transformation, who opened the eyes of Hong Hyun-hee and Hwang Gwang-hee with his extraordinary charisma and confident walking, is expected to rob his eyes.

The production crew told the behind-the-scenes that “Jung Joon-ho has made a special connection with the senior model challengers at the audition site, and is helping the challengers ‘mental care’ with warmth-filled coaching and screening.” In addition, he said, “Please look forward to the ‘fast reaction’ of fashion influencers in their twenties gathered at the scene for screening, including Jung Joon-ho’s fashion digestibility, which is as good as a professional model.”

Meanwhile, MBN’s ‘An unexpected event in my life’ is the first senior model selection audition in Korea, and amid the hot support of ‘Osalbol Mania’, they entered the race in earnest.

Episode 6 will be broadcast at 6 pm on the 22nd (Sun).


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