BTS ‘Life Goes On’, Global Army Consolation Song’s 2nd ‘Spring Day’ Premonition [MK Music]

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group BTS has returned with their new album ‘BE (Deluxe Edition)’.

BTS released a new album ‘BE (Deluxe Edition)’ at the same time around the world on the 20th at 2pm (Korean time), and returned to a new story in about 3 months after releasing the digital single ‘Dynamite’ on August 21st. come.

In the current situation where everyone feels helpless due to the COVID-19, BTS put it on a new album without decorating the complicated feelings of being anxious and fearful, “I still have to overcome it”. In this album, the seven members talk about the honest feelings and thoughts of living in 2020, and the existence of ‘we’ who must continue living in the future.

The title song ‘Life Goes On’ is a song in the Alternative Hip Hop genre, characterized by an emotional acoustic guitar sound. The lyrics contained a consoling message saying, “Even so, life continues” even though he encountered an unwanted situation where he had to stop while running hard.

The music video has this kind of sensibility intact. In a city with restrictions on outside activities due to Corona 19, BTS always welcomes their coming morning somewhat free of charge, but with a normal appearance, such as sitting in a dorm and chatting together, playing games, and eating delicious food together, ‘Nevertheless, ‘Expresses a life that continues unchanged.

V’s gaze at the main stadium in the distance outside the car window is sad, but the members who are with them show that it is time to overcome, and they dream of the day when the audience sings on the empty stage of the concert hall.

If ‘Dynamite’, which previously ranked first in the US Billboard ‘Hot 100’ and brought a disco craze all over the world, spread a message of vitality and hope with pleasant lyrics in an exciting and bright melody, ‘Life Goes On’ is COVID-19. It expresses the hearts of everyone who lives the changed daily life as it is, and gives the warm consolation of “Life continues.”

If ‘Dynamite’ captivated the global audience with its trendy sound and English lyrics, ‘Life Goes On’ is a relatively typical medium tempo K-pop ballad. Although it is Korean lyrics in the style of ‘K-pop’, the keyword of comfort from music is expected to work not only in Korea but also with overseas music fans.

BTS said at the press conference for the release of the album, “It is difficult not only for us but also for many people without a notice, but it would be nice if this album could comfort more people rather than stick to the rankings or records.”

Meanwhile, the ‘BE’ album includes the title song ‘Life Goes On’, ‘Fly to My Room’, ‘Blue & Gray’, ‘Skit’, ‘Telepathy’, ‘Dis-ease’, ‘Stay’, ‘Dynamite’, etc. A total of eight tracks were recorded. The first stage of BTS’ comeback will be unveiled for the first time at the ‘2020 American Music Awards’ held on the 23rd (Korean time).

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