BTS unveils ‘Life Goes On’ MV… full of warmth and affection

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

The group BTS released their new album’BE (Deluxe Edition)’ and the music video for the title song ‘Life Goes On’ was also released around the world at the same time.

BTS posted a music video of ‘Life Goes On’ on the official YouTube channel at 2 pm on the 20th. The video is full of warm energy, from the casual appearance of BTS who spend their little daily lives to the scene where they gather together and sing calmly.

In particular, this music video attracts more attention as member Jungkook as the music video director. In the music video of ‘Life Goes On’, including Jungkook, BTS revealed their regret and longing that they could not meet fans directly due to the COVID-19.

The music video for ‘Life Goes On’ begins with V taking off his mask and driving and reflecting the scenery outside the window that is not different from yesterday. Next, it shows the monotonous but peaceful appearance of BTS who spend their little lives inside the house.

One day through the pleasant scenes where everyone sits together and spends a good time, looking at the sky outside the window in the room, bicycles piled up in dust, a large stadium beyond the car window where they performed in the past, and the appearance of BTS singing in a concert hall without audience. The scene that expresses the situation of COVID-19, where everything has suddenly stopped, continues, making the hearts of viewers crush.

At the end of the music video, the appearance of BTS singing in the concert hall with the empty audience behind them peaks at the ‘Life Goes On’ message, “Life continues.”

‘Life Goes On’ is a song in the Alternative Hip Hop genre that stands out with an emotional acoustic guitar sound. With Corona 19, everyone lost their usual routine and faced an unwanted situation, but it contains a consoling message, “Even so, our lives continue”. In 2020, sincere lyrics that anyone living today can sympathize with and the voice of BTS’s bass are added to give a heavy resonance.

BTS participated in the overall album production from the stage of planning to set the direction of the album as well as song work, creating the only special album ‘BE’ in the world. At this moment, the emotions and thoughts of the seven members are revealed as they are, and once again the aspect of the ‘artist singing the times’ is clearly revealed.

Bulletproof Boy Scouts, who delivered a message of vitality and hope to the world through an exciting and fun disco through ‘Dynamite’, this time with ‘Life Goes On’ and their new album ‘BE’, giving comfort to everyone living in 2020. Present.

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