Explosion of interest in appearing in ‘2’o clock’s Date’ side reading…”Should I buy a house now?” (General)

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

The attention of the listeners of ‘2’o clock’s Date’ exploded with the appearance of the operator of the YouTube channel ‘The Man Who Reads Real Estate’.

On the afternoon of the 20th, MBC FM4U ‘2’o clock’s Date Muzie and Ahn Young-mi’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘2’o clock’s Date’)’s new section, ‘You’re an Expert’, welcomed the first guest, Jung Tae-ik, the manager of YouTube channel ‘The Man Who Reads Real Estate’.

On this day, DJ Muzie announced the start of the first corner, saying, “It may be the most useful, but it may be the most boring time.”

DJ Ahn Young-mi said, “I don’t know the real estate so much. I thought I had to pay for the trouble even if I went to see the house. That’s that much,” he confessed that he had no knowledge of real estate.

Jung Tae-ik introduced himself, “In the past, I went to a construction company and invested in real estate. Fortunately, the results were not bad, so I quit the construction company and are giving investments and lectures. I am raising a six-year-old child.” He said, “There are a lot of things related to the construction side and real estate. So I think I did better.”

Muse asked “how did you start studying real estate?” and Jung Tae-ik said, “Someone didn’t tell me. But even before I started working at a company, I was interested in stocks and so on. I went to a construction company and woke up to real estate. I got a lot of interest in.”

Jung Tae-ik said, “I have to buy a house these days, but I’m sure I’m interested in a lot. I want to talk about charter loans.”

Before the full-scale talk, the Musician asked Jung Tae-ik to select songs, and Jung Tae-ik replied, “Because the dream of arranging my home seems to be getting blurry,’get on’ to Brown Eyes.”

After the song ended, Ahn Young-mi asked, “I have a personal question. Tell me how to avoid real estate fraud.” Jung Tae-ik replied, “You seem to be talking about a jeonse scam, but it is most important to remove a copy of the register.” He said, “A certified copy of the register is like a resume. The key is to see if the word ‘root mortgage’ is written there. A root mortgage is simply a loan. If you buy a building with a root mortgage, you almost lose money.”

Also, “You must report the move in as soon as possible. If possible the day you move. You may not be able to receive maintenance when you are auctioned. (Conservation) ranking is lowered. Even if one day is delayed. If you keep these two things, you should do it as soon as possible. I can stop it.”

Listeners have also sent many questions. Unlike usual, serious questions poured out, and Ahn Young-mi and Muse couldn’t hide.

One listener sent a question of interest to everyone lately, “Should I buy a real estate expert’s house now?”

Jung Tae-ik said, “I get this question a lot. I think there are two kinds of worries when I categorize this. “How do I handle (loan) when I buy a house with a loan because I don’t have money?” and “Wouldn’t it be better to buy a house later?” “In fact, it would be nice if you don’t think of a house as an investment purpose only. I think you only think of it as a means of making money, but a house is also a place to sleep and rest.”

Jung Tae-ik added, “I want to change the question. ‘Is it suitable to buy a house?’ Then I want to say ‘Sarah’.”

Jung Tae-ik took his breath, saying, “There is no right answer, I’m talking about a personal opinion.” “The rainy season was severe this year, and they said that rice was down 7% compared to the previous year. But the demand was unchanged, but the production volume decreased and the rice price rose by 20%. Likewise, the house is the same. There is demand, but the supply decreases, so the house price rises.”

“I have to plant to harvest, but I don’t build a house these days. I can’t plant rice because of COVID-19, policy, etc. Rice is harvested in one year, but the house takes at least 2-3 years. So, supply in 21 and 22 years? It may be insufficient,” he continued with a wonderful analogy. Jung Tae-ik shared a personal opinion with listeners that “it seems difficult for the house price to fall in this situation.”

On this day, on behalf of the listeners, MUZIE asked, “Why did he rise like this?”

“There was a law passed in July of this year. Lease related. There are some things that have been affected by that. The charter market has fluctuated. The original charter is to buy two years, but this time the law changed and the ‘plus two year coupon’ I gave it to the tenant, the tenant. The rent has been steadily increased since the past. I want to use it because I guarantee it with this coupon legally. It is limited so that only 5% of the jeon tax can be raised when renewing the contract. I was able to sit down. That is why there are no more private houses,” he explained.

Another listener sent me the question, “What should I look at first when investing in real estate?”

Jung Tae-ik advised, “You have to know the words. In fact, to buy real estate, you have to talk with a broker, but people don’t even know real estate-related words. This is not taught anywhere, so you have to study. Even go to the library and open the book.” . “If you start even a beginner book and read five or six books, the words will be removed. After that, go to your local broker. You need to know a little words, and you will be able to deal with them.”

DJ MUZIE said, “The local broker also said, ‘I’ll take a good look at MUZIE.’ It seems to be important to greet (with the broker) on the way.” Jung Tae-ik said, “Of course. He also stressed the importance of getting acquainted, saying, “If you enter the brokerage during the day on weekdays and ask the boss about this and that, you will be kindly informed.”

Another listener sent a question, “I am ignorant of real estate and subscriptions. Can my couple in Seoul apply for an Incheon house?”

Jung Tae-ik said, “It’s different for each complex, but it’s possible. You can think of 50% of the amount to be allocated to people in that region, and 50% for other regions. It can be done, but it’s difficult.” He also explained the policy in detail, saying, “There are standards for the special supply of newlyweds. The conditions are complicated.”

In addition, a lot of questions were raised, such as related to the charter contract. One hour was insufficient.

DJ MUZIE said, “It’s actually a part that needs to be talked for a long time with just one question. Ahn Young-mi also shuddered, “When you come next time, wear your clothes comfortably. It looks uncomfortable.”

On this day, MUZIE ended this broadcast, which showed the enthusiasm of the listeners, saying, “I actually wanted to hear more of Jung Tae-ik’s personal history, but I have a lot of questions and I am sorry that I couldn’t.”


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