Lee Ji-hye “Don’t be guilty of cheating, leopard-patterned trauma” (You can tell it to sister)

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Broadcaster Lee Ji-hye revealed that her father’s affair in the past had caused a hoppy trauma.

In SBS Plus ‘You Can Tell it to Sister,’ broadcast on the 19th, the story of a daughter who is worried about her father’s affair was revealed.

“I recently saw a shocking picture of an affair on my dad’s cell phone,” said the speaker. “The insanity in the picture was a woman who almost destroyed our family eight years ago. I thought my dad arranged this woman neatly, but I was meeting again.”

She continued, “I am a prospective bride five months ahead of my marriage. My dad decided to give a congratulatory speech because it was a non-officio ceremony, so I want to solve it myself without notifying anyone including my family. So I said that I was worried too much.”

Lee Ji-hye, who heard the story, said, “If you father met the woman, having a love affair issue, it won’t be solved. Knowing an your father’s love affair issue itself is a big deal, but I think you need wisdom.”

In addition, she said she would take legal action, saying, “Emotionally difficult is the problem later, and I will bring the lawyer and the police to the end.”

Lee Young-ja asked, “Do you have any experience in pain from your parents’ affair?” Lee Ji-hye said, “The person who had an affair with my father in the past was wearing a leopard pattern.” “Since then, for a while, the leopard pattern has become a trauma to me. I like leopard pattern now, but in the past, I thought that a person wearing a leopard pattern would have an affair with my dad.”


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