‘Screening Humanity’, ‘Anastasia’ joined by Han Byeong-seok and Im In-sook couple, newly married for 6 years

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

In the ‘Screening Humanity’, the happy daily lives of Han Byeong-seok and Im In-sook were revealed.

In the KBS1 liberal arts program ‘Screening Humanity’, which aired on the morning of the 20th, part 5 of ‘Love Made in Gawon’ by Han Byung-seok and Im In-sook living in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi-do was broadcast.

Han Byeong-seok and Im In-suk are a couple through the book ‘Anastasia’. Im In-sook read ‘Anastasia’ translated by Han Byeong-seok and fell in love with the innocent Han Byeong-seok and married six years ago.

The two have been living like a honeymoon for six years. Han Byeong-seok drew attention by handing a surprise gift to Im In-sook. Han Byeong-seok wrapped flowers in a gift box and handed it to Im In-sook, saying, “It’s your present.” Im In-sook, “Is it my present?” she approached with her girlish eyes twinkling and drew attention.

Im In-sook, seeing chrysanthemums and roses in a gift box, expressed a happy heart, saying, “You are really sweet”, “Did you go to the greenhouse in the morning to pick flowers?”


Photo| KBS1 broadcast screen capture
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