Seo Jeong-hee, the back of perfect body line…’Amazing 58 years old’

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Broadcaster Seo Jeong-hee (58) revealed a surprising charm.

On the 20th, Seo Jeong-hee posted a post on her Instagram, saying, “What I want to do again before the end of this year #My love song #I love being alone.”

In the photos released together, Seo Jeong-hee exudes the charm of the’young woman’ who always wears her. Seo Jeong-hee, who said she was born in 1962 in an entertainment program, perfectly digested the lion’s head in a dress that adheres to the body. The back of the S-line of the ant’s waist reflected in the mirror makes it possible to confirm the new age.

Netizens responded in various ways, such as “She’s so pretty”, “She’s so cool because she lives alone”, and “I want to get old like that”.

Meanwhile, Seo Jeong-hee, who is divorced from Seo Se-won, is showing off her versatile charm by publishing an essay “It is good to live alone”. Seo Dong-joo, her daughter, gave up her job as a lawyer in the United States and is actively appearing in entertainment programs in Korea.

Photo|Seo Jeonghee SNS
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