‘Shoulder Dance’ Kyuhyun, DinDin X Lee Jin-ho and traditional liquor taste and fashion experience

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

New Kyuchins (Kyuhyun friends) DinDin and Lee Jin-ho visit in ‘Shoulder Dance’.

TVN, which airs on the 20th, ‘Shoulder Dance’ (Director Na Young-seok, Ho Eun-jin), the leading entertainment group, will sort out. Lee Jin-ho, who appeared as the first guest in the last two episodes, and aroused a great response, and the new Kyuchin DinDin, who could only hear his voice over a phone call, will appear in ‘Shoulder Dance’ and enjoy the upgraded style with Kyuhyun.

In the broadcast that day, Kyuhyun said “I just want you to make a star last time” to Lee Jin-ho, who visits ‘Shoulder Dance’ for the second time, and said, “Why are you here again” to DinDin, who appeared lately, saying, “Why are you here?” The three people are planning to experience the special taste and style of traditionalism. With a foreign traditional liquor sommelier boasting 10 years of experience, the rice-flavored taste is anticipated, raising expectations.

Then, the full version released on the channel 15ya YouTube channel adds a bit of fun. From the honest and pleasant conversation of three of Kyuhyun, Dindin, and Lee Jin-ho to the lively behind-the-scenes of Pungry that he enjoyed at Kyuhyun’s house twice, and various evaluations after tasting traditional liquor filled with the taste and style of Korea, it is expected that a wealth of stories will catch the eye. Dindin, who first appeared in ‘Shoulder Dance’, raised his curiosity about the episode of the three people, saying that he left a comment that “I like this program.”

On the other hand, it is a program that depicts the day of a rower, Kyuhyun, who enjoys various styles with a table dressed with the best snacks of ‘Shoulder Dance’. The full version will be released on YouTube ‘Channel 15 Nights’ after this broadcast in a 10-minute program, and you can experience expanded pleasure. Every Friday night 10:50 tvN broadcast.


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