‘Yesterday’ Song Seung-hwan “Yang Hee-eun refused to make a concert in the past”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Song Seung-hwan responds by sending a standing applause to the gift of a sincere song by’best friend’ Yang Hee-eun.

Song Seung-hwan appeared as the protagonist of the third story of MBN’s new music talk show ‘Life Album-Yesterday’ (hereinafter ‘Yesterday’), which airs at 11 pm on the 20th (today). Take time to look back.

In this regard, on the 16th, the production crew of ‘Yesterday’ pre-released the 3rd preview video on the official website and various social media channels. In this video, Song Seung-hwan confesses the story of the blindness crisis due to the loss of vision of which the cause is unknown. Since he has been active in various fields than anyone else, the sudden blindness crisis was inevitably a big shock. Fortunately, Song Seung-hwan reassures his surroundings, saying, “The deterioration of vision has stopped at the moment.”

On that day’s broadcast, Song Seung-hwan’s ‘best friend’ Yang Hee-eun visits the studio in surprise. The two close friends who have worked as DJs for a long time on a radio program have made a special relationship as a singer and a performance producer in the past. Yang Hee-eun, who appeared as a ‘surprise guest’, revealed that he brought a luxury gift for Song Seung-hwan. We prepared a song called ‘Always You’ with a word of cheering, “Let’s be healthy above all else, hoping that the challenging passion will continue.” Song Seung-hwan as well as former cast members send a standing applause to Yang Hee-eun’s simple yet deep song.

Furthermore, in the 3rd broadcast, the black history of Song Seung-hwan exposed by Yang Hee-eun and the ‘laughing’ commonalities that the two had to get close to quickly were revealed, ruining the studio. Song Seung-hwan said, “In the past, I wanted to produce a concert, so I visited Yang Hee-eun. I was in my twenties at that time, but I refused because of my proud appearance.” Then Yang Hee-eun said, “I had a lot of debt, so I said that I would make my concert. I just said ‘go’,” which makes everyone laugh.

Then, Song Seung-hwan said that there were many parts in common with Yang Hee-eun for the reason he was able to get to know Yang Hee-eun quickly.

The production crew said, “Song Seung-hwan did not express any expressions and enthusiastically participated in the broadcast even in the state where his eyes were barely visible. In addition, to comfort and support Song Seung-hwan, Yang Hee-eun appeared on the broadcast after a long time and presented a special stage. Viewers will also feel moved and healed by the heavy friendship between the two.”

The 3rd episode of MBN’s ‘Life Album-Yesterday’, where you can listen to Song Seung-hwan’s life song, will be aired at 11 pm on the 20th (today).


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