‘Yoon Jong-Shin’s wife’ Jeon Mi-ra, delightful daily life “Tennis demonstration, praise and reaction listen”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Yoon Jong-shin’s wife, Jeon Mi-ra, revealed her pleasant daily life.

On the 19th, Jeon Mi-ra posted a video on Instagram along with the article “Jeon-Mi-ra, who has a lot of fans in the Tennis Academy.”

In the video, Jeon Mira is showing a tennis demonstration. It also captures the attention of people nearby, such as the photographer taking the video and the person throwing the ball.

Jeon Mi-ra said, “Our members can’t dry. There aren’t many opportunities to show you hitting the ball, but if you throw a few hits like this, you’ll hear all the praise and reactions of the stars.”


Photo| Jeon Mira SNS
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