‘Cultwo Show’ Hong Yun-hwa x Lee Eun-hyung x Moon Se-yoon, super strong talk…”From look-alike to eel” (Comprehensive)

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Hong Yun-hwa and Lee Eun-hyung gave a unstoppable talk with senior comedian Moon Se-yoon.

Comedian Moon Se-yoon appeared as a special DJ in SBS Power FM’s ‘Cultwo Show’ aired on the 23rd, and comedian Lee Eun-hyung and Hong Yun-hwa appeared as guests.

At the opening of the day, Hong Yun-hwa praised her senior Moon Se-yoon, saying, “There aren’t many sexy people out of such a big guy. It’s like a cool club senior. If you count, it’s Jo Jin-woong of the gag world.” Lee Eun-hyeong= also raised Moon Se-yoon, saying, “Moon Se-yoon looks like Ahn Jae-hong, an actor.”

Moon Se-yoon jokingly said, “If I lose some more weight, I’ll get upset. Try eating chicken breasts?” DJ Kim Tae-gyun said, “Se-yoon, just stay as it is,” and made the listeners laugh by stopping what Moon Se-yoon says.

On this day, comedians from DJs to guests brightened up their seats, so there was no hesitation.

When a listener sent a real-time text message saying, “Please tell me the information on the suspenders from ‘I can’t be No.1’,” DJ Moon Se-yoon said, “I ask people who are fat or tall like Yun-hwa and Eun-hyung a lot of these things.” DJ Kim Tae-gyun, famous for his rather big head, said, “You keep asking me for hat information,” causing listeners to laugh.

In addition, the story of a listener was introduced about the person next door asking about the marital relationship. After listening to the story, Lee Eun-hyung confessed with surprise, saying, “I bought about 12 eel.” “Isn’t there a story that eel is good (for energy)? It’s a groundless rumor,” and it made listeners laugh.

So when Hong Yun-hwa also said, “My husband likes eel,” DJ Tae-gyun asked, “Was that good for him?” Hong Yun-hwa shuddered, saying, “It’s just a groundless rumor.”

On this day, Hong Yun-hwa and Lee Eun-hyung said that people often misunderstand other comedians.

When Hong Yun-hwa said, “A woman once said to me, ‘I’m your fan. Kim Guk-ju’. Lee Eun-hyung also said, “I’ve heard the words ‘I’m your big fan, Kang Jae-joon (Lee Eun-hyung’s husband).” She added, “Many people have said to me ‘I’m your big fan, Heo Anna’,” indicating that she looks like many other celebrities.

Hong Yun-hwa introduced an episode that occurred because of her chubby body shape. She said, “I’ve once visited a restaurant, where  ‘Delicious Guys’ visited for filming. But a staff said, ‘Oh, You’re here again’ and provided the service.” Hong Yun-hwa was mistaken as a member of one of 4 crews of ‘Delicious Guys’.

Hong Yun-hwa said, “I will come with the character ‘Himan’ makeup in the next broadcast,” saying hello to the viewers.

On this day, the broadcast ended with a surprise appearance by Singer DinDin, who is appearing together with Moon Se-yoon and KBS2 entertainment program ‘2 Days & 1 Night’, singing the new song ‘Walking’.

Meanwhile, Lee Eun-hyung married comedian Kang Jae-joon in 2016, and Hong Yun-hwa married comedian Kim Min-gi in 2018, having a great relationship.


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