‘Flaming Youth’ Kang Su-ji, the first night out after marriage? She said “I love you” on the phone with Kim Kook-jin

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Flaming Youth’ Kim Kook-jin ♥ Kang Su-ji showed sweet affection.

In the SBS entertainment program ‘Flaming Youth’, which airs on the 24th, the contents of the real call of the noodle couple Kim Kook-jin ♥ Kang Su-ji will be revealed.

In a recent recording, married youth Lee Jong-beom, Kang Su-ji, and Kwon Seon-guk, who were together on a winter trip of ‘Flaming Youth’, tried to connect the phone to their spouses in order to give permission to stay overnight. Among them, Lee Jong-beom, who succeeded in making a phone call, surprised other people by showing off his expression of affection with his wife. In addition, his wife suggested a surprise blind date to Kim Gwang-gyu.

Next, Kwon Seon-guk called his wife and asked for permission to stay overnight. However, his wife knew that he would stay overnight until the day after the filming, and immediately the youth corrected it as “the filming date is one day,” causing everyone to laugh.

Meanwhile, at the time when Seon-guk, who was allowed to stay overnight, is preparing champon for the youth, the phone connection between Kang Su-ji and Kim Kook-jin was established. Kook-jin happily allowed Su-ji to stay overnight, and Su-ji asked, “Can you stay alone?” and made the youth unfamiliar.

Shortly thereafter, Kook-jin’s call came back to Su-ji. As a result, she secretly received a call to avoid the camera. And it is said that a sweet expression of affection that is different from a call made in front of other people was caught and made everyone excited.


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