Han Min-chae marriage, wedding ceremony on the 28th with ‘9 years younger’ handsome office worker [Official]

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Han Min-chae (36) marries a 9-year-old office worker.

Han Min-chae is married to Ahn, 27, an office worker who is 9 years younger than her. The couple will have a wedding ceremony at 1 pm on the 28th at a hotel near Seoul.

Han Min-chae went to China at the end of last year and met Ahn for the first time due to work relations.

Han Min-chae was very fond of the proficient Chinese interpreter and the sincere and passionate appearance of Ahn, and it is said that Ahn also fell in love with the beauty of Han Min-chae and the celebrity’s nobility.

Han Min-chae, from Dongduk Women’s University’s Broadcasting and Entertainment Department, debuted in 2008 with the drama ‘Cooking Up Romance’. Recently, she appeared in the web dramas ‘Romance of this bad guy’ and ‘Yeonnam-dong Family’, showing off her elegant beauty and acting ability.

According to an official, Han Min-chae expressed a feeling of happiness, saying that she will continue to work harder based on a family of love even after marriage.

Meanwhile, the wedding is scheduled to be held privately by inviting less than 100 family members and relatives.


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