Jeong Hyung-don, a sign of anxiety disorder? Laughter disappeared → pinch hit (Let’s play football together)

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Let’s play football together’ Jeong Hyung-don appealed for his problem.

In JTBC’s ‘Let’s play football together’, broadcasted on the 22nd, a soccer match between FC and Inha University professor FC was drawn, and as a mercenary, Fencing player Choi Byung-cheol was with it.

When Choi Byung-cheol appeared, the FC members were welcoming and engaged in various confrontations with him. However, Jeong Hyun-don couldn’t laugh because of her physical condition. The cameras captured images such as standing up with a rather difficult expression or not being able to participate in the members’ heated talks.

In the end, in the soccer match, Kim Yong-man, not Jeong Hyeong-don, was put into the commentary. Kim Seong-ju explained the situation, saying, “I am with commentator Kim Yong-man today due to the condition of commentator Jeong Hyung-don.”

Currently, Jeong Hyung-don is taking a break after stopping broadcasting because his anxiety disorder has worsened.
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