Kim Hyun-cheol will release his new album ‘Brush’ on the 30th… Participated in Joo Hyun-mi, Choi Baek-ho, and Jeong Mi-jo

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘City Pop’s Godfather’ Kim Hyun-cheol is in harmony with music legends such as Joo Hyun-mi, Choi Baek-ho, and Jeong Mi-jo.

Fe&Me said, “Kim Hyun-cheol will release a new album ‘Brush’, complete with a gorgeous featuring lineup, and a new album ‘Brush’ on the 30th at noon.”

In Kim Hyun-cheol’s new album ‘Brush’, top artists such as ‘The Trot Empress’ Joo Hyun-mi, ‘Romantic Singer’ Choi Baek-ho and ‘Legendary Diva’ Jeong Mi-jo participated.

Kim Hyun-cheol, who presented a new trend in the music industry by collaborating with trendy singers including George, Hwang So-yoon, this time collaborated with music legends who have left a great footstep in the history of Korean popular music for a long time. ‘This is the back door that was born.”

Since about three years ago, Kim Hyun-cheol has been forcibly summoned by young generations who are sensitive to fashion, attracting attention as the original and self-proclaimed craftsman of City Pop, called ‘Hipster’s Music’. However, this time, we will take on a new challenge by preparing a song with a lonely and heartbreaking emotion that goes well with this winter.

Kim Hyun-cheol, who has already released 10 full-length albums and has risen to the position of mastermind, invited seniors who have walked the path of popular music before and for a longer time, paying respect for their voices, and giving new energy. Therefore, this album is more focused on ‘Producer Kim Hyun-cheol’ than ‘Singer Kim Hyun-cheol’. Kim Hyun-cheol completed a new adult song with different styles with a voice full of years.

Kim Hyun-cheol’s move to show off new styles of music by digesting all kinds of colors and genres like this proves that he is a ‘genius musician’.

Kim Hyun-cheol’s new album ‘Brush’ includes a total of four songs, including three songs in collaboration with music legends such as Joo Hyun-mi, Choi Baek-ho, and Jeong Mi-jo, as well as meaningful songs that Kim Hyun-cheol wrote, composed, and even participated in singing.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun-cheol’s new album ‘Brush’ will be released on the 30th at 12 noon through various music sites. With this album, Kim Hyun-cheol plans to communicate closely with the public through various broadcasting activities.

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