‘Return of Superman’ Park Joo-ho’s Childcare at home, Banana Boat in the Living Room was the ‘Best 1 Minute’

[Reporter Yang So-young on Daily Economy Star Today]

The sea of concentricity shown by Jingun Nably of’The Return of Superman’ captivated the viewers.

According to Nielsen Korea, an audience rating research agency on the 23rd, KBS 2TV’s ‘Return of Superman’ episode 357th’Our Happy Time’, which aired on the 22nd, recorded a nationwide rating of 10% (Part 2). The best minute was occupied by the lovely Chingunnably family(Park Joo-ho and his 3 children), which soared to 12.7% in the metropolitan area.

On this day, at Chingunnably’s house, Park Joo-ho took care of 3 childern. In these days, it is difficult to go outside with children, and it suggested a way to have fun at home with children. He made his children laugh without a break through various games such as making fun jajangmyeon, from the box tunnel where Jin-woo, the youngest child, can play and practice walking at once, to the indoor banana boat, and the making process.

Among them, the banana boat boarding machine that made the living room of Chingunnably’s house in the sea attracted attention. The banana boat, made by Park Joo-ho, who managed to fill the air. He made his children completely immersed in the sea play. It was 100% Park Joo-ho’s ticket manual 4DX sea, but his children enjoyed sailing with excitement.

In the eyes of children immersed in play, the living room was already the sea. The production crew of ‘Return of Superman’ worked hard in CG and protected the children’s hearts. Chingunnably’s voyage with seven whales, a turtle, juice and milk has even colored viewers’ hearts with healing.

‘Return of Superman’ provides healing to the family’s fans through the pure children’s hearts every week. Since there are lovely children who make everyone laugh with just their presence, we are looking forward to the Sunday with ‘Return of Superman’.

‘Return of Superman’ is broadcast every Sunday at 9:15 pm.

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