‘Trot National Sports Festival’ Song Ga-in visit Jeju Island this time… Healing Event continues

[Reporter Yang So-young on Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Song Ga-in transforms into a healing fairy nationwide through KBS2 ‘Trot National Sports Festival’ and plays a role as a human vitamin to recharge the tired people.

Today (23rd) Song Ga-in unveiled the ‘Trot National Box-Jeju Island Edition’ designed to comfort the mind and body of citizens exhausted from COVID-19.

Song Ga-in released an episode that took place when she traveled to Jeju Island, showed her affection for the region by briefly introducing the Jeju Island dialect, and introduced the story of Jeju Island in order to provide healing. In addition, it presented the stages of ‘Samdado News’ and ‘Gamsu Kwang’ as the representative songs of Jeju Island, presenting healing to the tired public from COVID-19.

Currently, Song Ga-in is transforming into a healing fairy through the ‘Trot National Box’ and communicating with the public. The Trot National Sports Festival, which is preparing to raise the paradigm of the trot world once again, starts with MC Yoon Do-hyun, Seoul manager Joo Hyun-mi, Gyeonggi province manager Kim Soo-hee, Gangwon manager Kim Bum-ryong, Chungcheong manager Jo Hang-jo, Jeon-ra manager Nam Jin, Gyeongsang manager Seol Woon-do, and Jeju manager Ko Doo-shim and global director Kim Yeon-ja are presented.

Shin Yu, Hong Gyeong-min, Na Tae-ju, Ha Seong-woon, Park Gu-yoon, Jo Lee-hyun, Byul, Song Ga-in, Kim Byeong-hyun, Jo Jung-min, Hwang Chi-yul, Jin Si-mon, Joo Young-hoon, Park Hyun-bin, Sam Hammington, and cheerleader Lim Ha-ryong as a senior in life and trot in the music industry It is also predicting the discovery of the morning star.

On the 20th, KBS ‘Trot National Sports Festival’ released the music video video of the theme song ‘I Like Trot’, and the stage and talented participants of the previous scale unveiled and amplified the expectation of the program.

‘Trot National Sports Festival’ is scheduled to continue the ‘Trot National Box’, which introduces the songs and stories representing the eighth nationwide through the official channel.


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