Kim Sook, self-contained toast full of emotions…”Cooking genius” (‘Kim Sook TV’)

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Kim Sook completed the ‘Emotion’ dish and praised it with self-portrait.

On the 23rd, a video titled ‘(made by Emotional Killer) Winter Camping Snack 5 Minute Recipe’ was posted on the YouTube channel ‘Kim Sook TV’. On this day, Kim Sook and senior comedian Song Eun-yi appeared, and Kim Sook’s friend also appeared as a PD.

After camping, Song Eun-yi and Kim Sook started cooking ASMR with a snack suitable for the winter season. Kim-sook’s friend asked, “Is it emotional? Song Eun-yi said, “You talk a lot.”

Kim Sook put butter on a pan and put honey hotteok on it. Kim Sook’s friend trembled, saying, “You look like a master of hotteok,” and Kim Sook was annoyed, saying, “Don’t talk.”

The second dish was toast. To Kim Sook, who is grooming paprika, mushrooms, and onions, Song Eun-yi embarrassed Kim Sook by saying, “Mushrooms are the sexiest vegetables in the world.”

The toast was completed after twists and turns. Kim Sook took a bite and smiled, saying, “It’s really good.”

Then, she said, “Are you good at cooking?”, causing the fans to laugh.

Photo|Youtube ‘Kim Sook TV’

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