Lai Kuan-lin apologizes, “wrong behavior” in controversy over street smoking + spitting

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Lai Kuan-lin, the former member of Wanna One, was caught smoking and spitting on the street. As the controversy grew, he posted an apology on his social media.

Recently, on social media such as Weibo, photos of Lai Kuan-lin spitting while smoking on the street have spread. Chinese netizens who encountered the photo poured criticism on Lai Kuan-lin’s immoral behavior.

As the controversy grew, Lai Kuan-lin posted an apology on his Weibo on the 24th. He said, “I’m sorry. As a public figure, I was not careful of my behaviors and showed the wrong appearance. I will accept your criticism and never do the same again.”

Lai Kuan-lin was active as Wanna One, a group born through Mnet idol survival ‘Produce 101 Season 2’, which was broadcast in 2017. After the Wanna One contract ended last January, he has been working in China.

In particular, in July of last year, an application for temporary injunction was filed against the agency Cube Entertainment, but the court dismissed Lai Kuan-lin’s application for temporary injunction and raised the hand of Cube Entertainment.

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