Lee Seung-yoon, the first copyright fee certification…

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

Broadcaster Lee Seung-yoon released his first copyright fee.

Lee Seung-yoon posted a photo on his Instagram on the 24th, saying, “Shut up and deposit the first copyright fee for squat. Is it a true story of 1 won? I will have to cancel my dinner party.”

The published picture is Lee Seung-yoon’s account transaction details. One won deposited from the Korea Music Copyright Association attracts attention.

In response, broadcaster Jeon Hyun-moo commented, “How can I get 1 won?”, and Lee Seung-yoon answered “Well, I don’t know…”, causing laughter.

Netizens responded, “It would be better not to pay anything, rather than depositing 1 won”, “1 won is so funny.”

Earlier in June, Lee Seung-yoon released a hip-hop track single ‘Shut Up and Squat’ that stands out with rough rap.


Photo|Lee Seungyoon SNS

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