‘My Dangerous Wife’ Kim Jung-eun, Choi Won-young, Choi Yoo-hwa talk about famous scenes of the drama and ending

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‘My Dangerous Wife’ Kim Jung-eun, Choi Won-young, and Choi Yoo-hwa, the leading roles of three members, directly revealed a scene with a creepy thrill ahead of the final episode on the 24th (today) and his heartfelt ending.

MBN-Wave’s Monday and Tuesday drama ‘My Dangerous Wife’ (played by Hwang Da-eun/Director Lee Hyung-min/Production Keyeast) was married for love, but all of a couple of this age who just maintain a life of marriage can relate at least once. It is a ‘mystery couple cruelty’. With a psychological thriller pushed and pulled by a couple as the main axis, it is gaining hot popularity as a ‘well-made work’ that continues unpredictable development by combining various genres such as criminal reasoning and melodies.

In this regard, actors leading actors of ‘My Dangerous Wife’ such as Kim Jung-eun, Choi Won-young, and Choi Yoo-hwa made a remark of leaving the work by conveying their own famous scenes and their feelings about the end of the show.

First of all, Kim Jung-eun, who played the role of Shim Jae-kyung, who organized a self-made drama of kidnapping to fight against her husband’s affairs, and unveiled her life-long acting performance. With luck, she said, “For the first time, I met Jae-kyung, a wise role that solves problems on her own rather than being passive. Thanks to author Hwang Da-eun’s delicate writings and director Lee Hyeong-min’s excellent direction, it was an opportunity to think again about what it means to live as a married couple as a married person.”

“It was the best character in my life that I would never meet again in my life. While acting, my body might have been too hard, but I was really cool inside.” She laughed and said, “I sincerely thank all the people who cherished the work in difficult times.” In addition, “A scene where Jae-kyung suddenly changed suddenly and played like a crazy person, such as the ending of the 4th part where Yun-cheol and the wine was bleeding and laughing, the 8th part that played pretending to kidnap her nephew Chae-lim, and the 14th part where she mocked grace and raised drugs “They are uniquely memorable,” she said.

Choi Won-young, who reaffirmed the reputation of great actor by playing the role of Kim Yun-cheol, the ‘Precarious Husband’ dreaming of a perfect break with his dangerous wife, said, “Thank you to the viewers who watched and supported me. I am happy to finish it safely until the end, and I am very grateful to the actors, directors, and staff who have worked with me.”

“It was fun to be together, and I think it will be a big place in my memory by sharing my precious time.” He added a special meaning, saying, “After Yun-cheol said goodbye to Jae-kyung, I remember the scene where I came out with a bag of money and enjoyed a luxurious holiday trip.” “I tried several ad libs at the time, and I was very grateful to the director who allowed it.”

Lastly, Choi Yoo-hwa, who left another thick filmography as ‘the fatal girl’ Jin Seon-mi, who jumped in to get what he wanted, said, “Thanks to the very good director, staff, and actors, I was able to shoot happily. I was grateful that I was able to meet a character named Jin Seon-mi and live a life that I have never experienced before. Even though it must have been difficult since it was aired late in the meantime, I would like to thank everyone who loved and supported ‘My Dangerous Wife’.”

She added, “The scene of Jin Seon-mi’s resurrection was the most impressive. Because of that incident, the subtle relationship between Kim Yun-cheol and Jin Seon-mi was revealed once again, and I had a lot of fun shooting with my seniors at that time, so I remember a lot.”

The production company Keyeast said, “Because all the actors poured out their souls and played hard, the work was able to cruise safely. We are deeply grateful. We did our best to make it a well-made drama to the viewers until the end. We hope you enjoy ‘My Dangerous Wife’ to the end, who will leave a hot lingering in the heart.”

On the other hand, the final episode of MBN’s Monday and Tuesday drama ‘My Dangerous Wife’ will be broadcast at 11 pm on the 24th (today), and domestic representative OTT Wave will be exclusively released online.

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