‘Neighborhood’ Director Jung Woo X Lee Ji-eun revealed #first meeting #Kim Yoomi #box-office pledge (‘Choi Hwa-jung’s Power Time’)

[Intern reporter Kim Bo-mi, Daily Economy Star Today]

The movie ‘Neighborhood’ Director Lee Hyeong-dong and actor Jung-woo added expectations with a perfect chemistry.

In SBS Power FM’s ‘Choi Hwa-jung’s Power Time’ broadcast on the 24th, director Lee Hwan-kyung and actor Jung Woo of the movie ‘Neighborhood’ appeared as guests. On this day, director Lee Hwan-kyung and Jung Woo, who appeared in the ‘Choi Hwa-jung’s Power Time’s Red Carpet’ corner, showed off their chemistry while looking at each other with eyes dripping from the beginning.

Director Lee Hwan-kyung and Jung Woo made a relationship at the audition site for the movie ‘He Was Cool’. Director Lee said, “I first saw Jung Woo 17 years ago. I watched his activities since his debut. I watched all the scenes,” adding a warm atmosphere like a parent-child relationship.

When asked by DJ Choi Hwa-jung, “What was the reason for choosing Jung Woo among many actors?” he recalled, “It wasn’t easy to choose a new actor, but Jung Woo was very mischievous. He was pure and vulgar.”

Jung Woo mentioned his wife Kim Yoo-mi and said, “The director knows much more about my wife than me as an actress,” and director Lee Hwan-kyung said, “Probably Jung Woo stayed with me longer than his wife.”

A warm cast behind the scenes was also revealed. Jung Woo said, “The director said, ‘I want to make a formal proposal,'” and said, “I felt affection for the work because I felt the heart to care for me so much,” and raised the admiration of DJ Choi Hwa-jung.

Regarding the opportunity to write the screenplay, Director Lee Hwan-kyung said, “I started writing because I wanted to return the love I had received for 17 years.” He expressed his gratitude toward the audience, saying, “I was a novice director 17 years ago, just like Jung Woo did.”

Director Lee Hwan-kyung, who set a record of mobilizing 13 million viewers as a ‘Miracle in Cell No. 7’, received a request from a listener saying, “How much do you expect this film to be successful. Please make a pledge” to Jung Woo after dressing up in ‘Neighborhood’. So, he suggested a scene running the bridge.

Jung Woo, who was expressing awkwardness, finally pledged, “If the audience exceeds 2.7 million, we will take off the top with the director and run Mapo Bridge,” and drew a hot response from the listeners.

Lastly, director Lee Hwan-kyung and Jung Woo said “There are stories in the movie that were not included in the trailer. Please keep your distance from the mask and have fun at the cinema.”

On the other hand, the movie ‘Neighborhood’ starring actors Jung Woo, Oh Dal-soo, and Kim Hee-won is a film about a story that takes place day and night as a prosecution team moves under the cover of a politician’s family in quarantine at home. It will be released on the 25th.


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