“The Moon Rising River” side “Auxiliary actor COVID-19 confirmed, all close contacts are negative” [Official]

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

The assistant performer of ‘The Moon Rising River’ was confirmed. All close contact with the shooting site were judged negative.

On the 24th, an official from the ‘The Moon Rising River’ official said, “The assistant performer who took the filming on the 19th received a confirmation of COVID-19.” He added, “Including 10 close contacts, 10 staff who were tested for prevention, a total of 20 people were tested negative.”

Earlier, the assistant performer of ‘The River Rising Moon’ received a call that he was a close contact during the shooting on the 19th and immediately informed the production crew. The production crew immediately stopped filming on the spot and went into self-isolation. This assistant performer was confirmed as no symptom, undergoes a close examination, and was confirmed on the 24th.

Close contacts and other drama-related staff were judged negative, but it is unlikely that filming will resume immediately. An official added, “It is necessary to adjust the schedule in order to take precedence over the scenes except for the appearance of the assistant actors. We will decide to resume shooting after the schedule maintenance.”

On the other hand, ‘The Moon Rising River’ (playback Han Ji-hoon, director Yun Sang-ho, production Victory Contents) is a work that depicts sad love story of Princess Pyeonggang, who betrayed Ondal to be the ruler of the country, and Ondal, who sacrificed for Princess Pyeonggang. Based on the stories of Goguryeo recorded in the Three Kingdoms, ‘The Moon Rising River’ plans to recreate the epic poems of Pyeonggang and Ondal that everyone knows, but no one knows about, into a historical drama. The schedule has not been confirmed yet, but Kim So-hyun, Ji-soo and Lee Ji-hoon have confirmed their appearance and are filming.


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