What am I supposed to do with the ‘soft touch test’?

In recent years, among netizens, the ‘soft touch test’ is gaining popularity following the ‘flower mbti’.

The first project launched by the e-document signing service, “National Promise,” recorded more than 1.4 million users as of 4pm, on the 24th.

Soft touch is a metaphor for a person who is stupid and easy to use, and the soft touch test is a disposition test that allows you to check how well you are living.

Like any psychological test, the soft touch test results in answering multiple questions: ‘I don’t immediately refute even if I have different opinions’, ‘I can’t firmly refuse a difficult request’, ‘I eat hair with friends at a restaurant. This is a way to choose answers to questions such as ‘This is the situation’ and ‘A friend who is often late for appointments is too late’.

This propensity test suggests eight types of soft touch. ‘A++ Black Ox’, ‘Life My Way Warlock’, ‘Suspicious Black Meerkat’, ‘A Black Bear with Definite Work and Death’, ‘Sad Black Crane’, ‘Sad Black Deer with Thin Ears’, ‘Black Goat in a Cold City’, ‘Outside Ko Bay is a black panther’.

Among them, the most common type is the ‘A++ Black Ox’ type, which is about 35%. The ‘Black Goat in a Cold City’ was the rarest type at about 4%.

Netizens share the results on social media and show reactions such as “I did it during lunch time, “this is completely me,” “If you share the result with someone else,” and “I’m a black meerkat”.

Meanwhile, among netizens recently, various psychological tests such as the Flower MBTI test are getting explosive reactions.

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