A story of an innocent man who was sentenced to life imprisonment “November is a nightmare for me”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

In ‘Eye Contact’, the protagonist of eye contact, who was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of a murder that took place 30 years ago, had to be imprisoned for 21 years, looks back on the sad years.

Channel A’s ‘Eye Contact’, which will be broadcast on the 25th, features the main character who was suddenly sentenced to life imprisonment, being forced to leave his beloved family, including his two-year-old daughter and his wife. He recalled the distressed days, saying, “After four days of torture and coercive investigation, I suddenly became a murderer, but my longing for my family was greater than the pain.”

However, a happy day came to him as well. The protagonist said, “In August 2003, 11 years after receiving life imprisonment in 1992, he received a sentence of commutation stamped with the date of ‘released on April 13, 2013’ as a model prisoner. I was really happy as if I had the whole world.” “People live with hope,” said Park Joon-young, a lawyer who specializes in resimulation of the day, and said, “Although he had to live for 10 more years, he was so happy that he bought chicken for all in the prison, though he saved his money for his family while being imprisoned.”

In particular, the person who remembered the protagonist of eye contact after receiving a sentence of commutation was her mother, who used to visit for seven hours each, but unfortunately, her mother did not hear the news of the commutation. He sighed, saying, “I didn’t even write a letter to inform me of the good news after receiving the sentence, but I got a letter from my daughter saying ‘Grandmother is undergoing cancer surgery.'” Eventually, his mother passed away in November 2003, and he was left with a deep limit.

The protagonist of eye contact said, “I couldn’t even keep my mother’s death in the end.” MC Haha was so upset with his sad story that he couldn’t talk properly.

The sad eye contact that the applicant for retrial of the murder case 30 years ago bearing the ‘Nightmare of November’ will be revealed on Wednesday, November 25 at 9:20 pm on Channel A ‘Eye Contact’.

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