Disney Pixar’s ambitious film ‘Soul’, Christmas release [Official]

[Reporter Han Hyun-jung, Daily Economy Star Today]

Disney Pixar’s new film ‘Soul’ (Director Pete Docter) will be screened in Korea on December 25th.

In the press stills released with the news of the release, the original and mysterious worldview of the ‘world before birth’ where souls stay before coming to Earth and unique yet lovely soul characters catch the eye.

The combination of Joe, who fell into the world before being born as a soul in an unexpected accident, and the soul ’22’ with a cynical expression unlike his cute appearance, makes the play and the pole charm of the two characters with completely different inclinations stand out, and the pleasant laughter they will give.

Here, characters full of personality, from the counselor Jerry of ‘The World Before Birth’, and Terry, the soul manager of the distant world, to evoke mystery, expressed as a single line, stimulate curiosity. A reality that contrasts sharply with the world before birth. The appearance of New York in the world draws attention with high-quality visuals reminiscent of live-action.

It adds Joe of recreating the vivid and dynamic urban landscape perfectly. The ensemble of Joe and the band playing the piano in a jazz club, as well as the unknown character Moon Wind wrapped in a veil, amplifies the expectation for the spectacular adventure that ‘Soul’ will provide.

‘Soul’ started from Pixar’s fun imagination that a soul with its own personality in the world before birth is born on Earth. ‘Soul’ is a movie about a special adventure in which Joe, who became a soul in an unexpected accident, and 22, a soul who does not want to go to Earth, go together.

Camp Powers co-directed with director Pete Doctor of ‘Monster, Inc.’, ‘Up’ and ‘Inside Out’, and Dana Murray of the American Producers Association participated in the production, leading to the production of ‘Inside Out’ and ‘Coco’. Word: Major artists such as ‘Onward’, ‘The Incredibles 2’ and ‘Toy Story 4’ participated.

In particular, Jon Batiste, a world-renowned jazz musician who won the Grammy Award nomination, and Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, who won the 83rd US Academy and 68th Golden Globe Music Awards for the movie ‘Social Network’, are in charge of the major music in the work, raising expectations.

In the United States, direct OTT has been decided.


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