‘GoStar BuStar’ Kim Tae-woo, teacher Park Jin-young and collaborator…Then, how about Kwon Jin-ah, Geum Jan-di and Cho Dae-yeop?

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Kim Tae-woo performs an instant audition with Park Jin-young in ‘GoStar BuStar’.

On the afternoon of the 24th, a preview video of the project to find the owner of the ‘Cooky Love Song’ was released through the official channel of GoStar BuStar. In the released video, Park Jin-young, who visited the ‘GoStar BuStar’ to find the singer of Park Jin-young’s new song ‘Corny Love Song’, held an audition with Kim Tae-woo.

In particular, Park Jin-young said, “How to sing this song called ‘Corny Love Song’, I am looking for someone who can express the feelings of being pure and gentle and still poor in love and parting. I don’t know who can storytell this song, but that’s it. You have to feel.” He revealed his own standards. In particular, at the end of the video, Park Jin-young and Kim Tae-woo were surprised to see the participant Pengsoo’s stage and couldn’t shut their mouths.

Through the preview video on this day, some of the stages of Yoyomi, KCM, Kwon Jin-ah, Geum Jan-di, and Pengsoo were revealed, starting with the comedian and singer Cho Dae-yeop, which is recently attracting attention as a sub-character ‘Kapichu’ among the participants. They sang Park Jin-young’s song ‘Corny Love Song’ in their own style, raising expectations by foretelling the performances of the ears.

On the other hand, ‘GoStar BuStar-I’m Going to Pick Up’ is a mobile variety program where guests visit destinations, restaurants, and people they want to meet by using a 45-seater multi-bus studio where Kim Tae-woo can perform multi-content. It will be broadcast on YouTube at 6 PM on Friday.

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