‘I love her’… Bae Da-hae’s stalker was arrested, “Hundreds of bad comments over two years”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

An arrest warrant has been filed against a man in his twenties for stalking musical actress and singer Bae Da-hae.

On the 25th, the Iksan Police Station in Jeonbuk applied for an arrest warrant against Mr. A (28) on charges of insults, intimidation, defamation, creating anxiety, and attempting blackmail.

According to the police, unemployed Mr. A posted hundreds of malicious comments online with 24 IDs in two years. Last year, he pursued Bae Da-hae several times and tried to contact him.

Mr. A went to the musical and theater venue where Bae Da-hae appeared and threatened to “You can see me right now”, or visited and harassed Bae Da-hae after finding a lodging at a local concert hall.

Mr. A admitted to the crime in the police investigation, but said, “I didn’t know if this would be a crime. I did so, because I love her.” He seemed to show reflection while stating.

However, even after the recent summons investigation, Mr. A continued to threaten Bae Da-hae, such as “it will end in fine”.

The police saw that Mr. A committed the crime even during the investigation, and decided that there was no sign of reflection, and applied for an arrest warrant on the 24th.

On the 11th, Bae Da-hae revealed the complaint on her SNS, and said, “There were many times when I was desperate because I thought that this pain would end only when I die.”


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