IU pictorial, Merry Christmas pink

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Global luxury brand J.ESTINA released the ‘Merry Pinkmas’ campaigns were with IU.

J.ESTINA’s Christmas campaign ‘Merry Pinkmas’ is intended to convey a ‘pink’ message of positive and healing on Christmas 2020, which was more exhausting and harder than any other year. In the advert, IU shows her charms from youthful refreshing look to match the concept of difference, yet chic atmosphere.

IU surrounded the pink color in a black dress with a gift box in the background has launched a Holiday Party dress with a gentle smile. In another cut, she closes her eyes while the head was topped with a ribbon strap, and looks adorable. J. Ribbon, that IU is wearing, is the Holiday Collection embellish the simple yet captures the meaning of ‘Congratulations’ and ‘gifts’ to the motif of the J Heritage.

In one wearing a white dress cut IU has an intense red lip 180 also emits another mature charm. The asymmetrical neckline and diamond-set necklace add luxury. Mariebel, that IU selected, is a special collection of diamond shaped ornament with romantic happy excitement of Christmas. It features a three-dimensional frame that wraps the main stone like water droplets.

Meanwhile, the jewelery worn in pictorial IU can meet the national J.ESTINA official online store and mall.


Photo providedㅣJ.ESTINA

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