Leeteuk continues to appeal for damage to SNS hacking…”Please stop”

[Daily Economy Star Today, Intern Reporter Kim Bo-mi]

Group Super Junior member Leeteuk complained of hacking.

Leeteuk posted a photo on his Instagram on the 25th with a post saying, “I receive a lot of e-mails that warns against Instagram hacking. Please stop”.

In the released photo, there is a portal site hacking notification screen stating that you have logged in in a new environment.

Earlier, in April, May, and June, Leeteuk published an article entitled “Why the hell are you doing that?” on social media in April, May, and June, discussing the facts of hacking.

Netizens expressed their regrets such as “Is there any reason to hack someone else’s account?”, “I hope hackers stop the crime”, and “How long on earth”.


Photo|Leeteuk SNS

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