Who is the witch? ‘Wicked’ Teaser image released

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

The teaser image of ‘Wicked’, which predicts a strong green gust in 2021, has been released one after another and is a hot topic.

The moment the Korean performance of Broadway’s huge blockbuster musical ‘Wicked’ (produced by S&Co) announced its premiere in Seoul in mid-February 2021 and Busan in May, the reaction of the audience was explosive. The opening of ‘Wicked’, which has a strong fandom from the Korean premiere, has been good news for the audience who have been waiting for five years.

In response to that wait, the teaser image was released through official SNS. A teaser image of a green witch holding a ticket and a ‘Wicked’ passport on the way to Korea was released on the 23rd, and on the 25th, silhouette teaser of Elphaba and Glinda convey a strong presence even if only the silhouette is covered with their faces. The image has been revealed. Elphaba, the green witch with a mysterious smile, covering her face with her head bowed like a poster, raises one hand high to create an emerald spark and overwhelms viewers with the appearance of casting a powerful magic spell. Glinda, a white witch who wears a beautiful bubble dress amidst the soap bubbles, reveals only the side lines of her face that can be seen from the side of her slightly twisted head. She wears a gorgeous crown and shows only her back, creating curiosity.

The best actors are cast every season, and the witch of ‘Wicked’, who has created a new star, is attracting attention from the very beginning. The former casting of ‘Wicked’, which will make the most powerful emergency in 2021, will be released in early December before the ticket open.

‘Wicked’ is a work of Gregory Maguire’s bestseller of the same name, which cheerfully overturned ‘The Wizard of Oz’, into a musical. Since its premiere in 2003, it has changed the box office record of all cities performed since its premiere in 16 countries. It was performed in different languages, and nearly 60 million people watched it. ‘Wicked’ is the only one in this century’s premiere of the only three films that have exceeded $1 billion in Broadway sales as a super-sized hit that is still causing a strong box office boom.

With 54 smooth transitions without a single dark spot, a huge 12.4m time dragon, a flying monkey, and a gorgeous stage with more than 350 beautiful costumes, and beautiful music recording triple platinum such as ‘Defying Gravity’ and ‘Popular’. It has received praise from critics such as “The Best Musical of the Year” (Entertainment Weekly) and “Cultural Phenomenon” (Variety), and has won more than 100 major awards around the world, including the Tony Award and the Grammy Award. ‘Wicked’, which unfolds a fascinating story of friendship and love, good and evil, growth, and courage between the two witches of Oz, Elphaba and Glinda, was never expected to enter the venue with satisfaction from ages 8 to 80. It makes people be hooked on magic. Master Stephen Schwartz, who won three Academy Awards and four Grammy Awards for works such as’Gospel’, ‘Pippin’, the movie ‘Pocahontas’, and ‘The Prince of Egypt’, wrote music and lyrics by Winnie Holzman’s screenplay, Tony Award winner Joe Mantelo, Wayne Shirento staged the musical, and Susan Hilputty designed the costume.

The musical ‘Wicked’ is about to open in mid-February 2021 at Interpark Hall in Seoul Blue Square and Dream Theater in Busan in May. The first ticket in Seoul is scheduled for December, and the cast is scheduled to be released in early December.


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