‘Cheat on Me, If You Can’ Lee Si-eon and Kim Ye-won’s chemistry

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In ‘Cheat on Me, If You Can’, Lee Si-eon and Kim Ye-won show off the chemistry. The two are going to be more sticky than some ‘bromance’ and more strong (?) partners than any other couple. I look forward to the combination chemistry of Lee Si-eon and Kim Ye-won, who know each other well enough to shout ‘OK’ just by looking at their eyes.

KBS2’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Cheat on Me, If You Can’ (played by Lee Seong-min, director Kim Hyung-seok, production A-story), first aired on December 2, Detective Jang Seung-cheol (Lee Si-eon) and Ahn Se-jin (played by Kim Ye-won) )’S stills were first released.

In the published photo, Seung-cheol and Se-jin, who represent the Seodong Police Station in Gangwon-do, are captured and attracted attention. It looks like he’s been up all night, but his charismatic eyes sparkle in front of new clues. Seung-cheol and Se-jin are going to show a chemistry comparable to that of ‘Two Cops,’ with a stronger chemistry than a real couple.

Seung-cheol is a veteran detective who is recognized as a veteran homicide with 100 points in his investigation, but he is a poor husband for his wife as he is passionate about work. He tries to improve his relationship with his wife, but he is in a difficult situation. She doesn’t look like a woman, but she feels more comfortable with Se-jin, who spent a lot of time working undercover.

Se-jin is the only female detective in the homicide world, and shows off her outstanding beauty as well as a sharp yet tough charm and shows girl crush charisma. Seung-cheol, her companion who is older than her, is more comfortable than anyone else to her. And as Seung-cheol is also a partner for a long time, Se-jin sees through him like an old couple.

As much as they know each other well, they are expected to show a ‘fantastic detective combination’ and sometimes play a pleasant laugh in ‘Cheat on Me, If You Can’ with a ‘fantasy chemistry’ that sometimes strikes a fire.

The production crew said, “Jang Seung-cheol and Ahn Se-jin will show a sticky homicide detective chemistry that sees through each other.” We ask for your expectation and support for the performance of the two.”

PD Kim Hyung-seok, who boasted performances such as ‘My Husband Got a Family’ and ‘My golden life’, produced ‘Cheat on Me, If You Can’, attracting expectations with the dizzy ‘killing chemistry’ of Jo Yeo-jung and Go Jun. Writer Lee Seong-min of ‘Queen of Mystery’ came together and attracted attention. In addition, a group of actors, such as Kim Young-dae, Yeon-woo, Song Ok-suk, Jeong Sang-hoon, Lee Si-eon, Kim Ye-won, Hong Soo-hyun, and Oh Min-suk, are cast and are considered the most anticipated works in the second half of 2020.

Wavve, an online broadcasting film platform called ”Cheat on Me, If You Can’ t’ participated in the investment, and VOD will be provided exclusively online at the same time as the broadcast.

It is a comical mystery thriller of a crime novelist wife who only thinks about how to kill a person, who first airs on Wednesday, December 2nd It is expected to present an unconventional and intense story about adults who do things.


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