‘Grandpa Henry and I’ Lee Soon-jae x Shin Gu x Kwon Yuri x Park So-dam x Chae Soo-bin character poster released

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Lee Soon-jae, Shin Gu, Kwon Yu-ri, Park So-dam, and Chae Soo-bin, the play ‘Grandpa Henry and I’, attracting attention with a five-person five-color character poster with warm sensibility. In addition, the second ticket opening is scheduled for December 3 (Thursday) at 2 pm.

Posters released this time contains the appearance of actors who are tough but resentful as grandfather Henry, who has a warmer heart than anyone else, and constance, a college student with a lively charm.

Lee Soon-jae and Shin Gu of the role of ‘Henry’ showed off the side of the original Henry in a single photo, showing a warm smile with a smile. It captures the attention by perfectly expressing the fresh and youthful college student who is full of curiosity.

In addition, the copy in the character poster gives the actors a special touch with the affectionate hearts that the actors think about the work. As actors who participated in the premiere and reenactment are also together in the third season, each actor has a special mind to think about his work. Lee Soon-jae said that it was a ‘work with high perfection to get energy’, and Shin Gu said that it was ‘the happiest work of my life’, and expressed his extraordinary love for the work. Kwon Yu-ri said that it was a ‘warm work that will melt the cold winter’, Park So-dam said that it would be ‘a work that will last a lifetime deep in my heart’, and Chae Soo-bin said that it was a ‘work that gives warm comfort’ and added affection.

The play ‘Grandpa Henry and I’ is a play that happily portrays the process of becoming a special being in each other’s lives by the stubborn grandfather of Henri and Constance, a college student wandering in search of a dream. It realistically captures the wounds, fears, anxieties, and joys that we encounter in our lives, and the story of the characters’ growth through generational conflict and communication makes it impossible to take our eyes off for a moment.

The work is the work of French playwright Ivan Calbérac, and since its premiere in France in 2012, encore and tour performances have been popular. In addition, it was recognized for its operability by receiving the Barriere Foundation Drama Award in 2015, and the same year, it was produced as a movie of the same name, attracting attention.

In Korea, it has proved that it is the best topical work in Daehakro, receiving hot love from the audience through the appearance and stable production of top actors in Korea in two performances in 2017 and 2019.

Sadly, we cannot enjoy the play now due to the social distancing stage 2, but all actors are preparing our stage in the hope of meeting audience.

At this time when everyone is tired and difficult from COVID-19, actors are preparing the stage with the best of one heart, hoping that their play will get a little comfort and hope from the audience.

This winter, the healing play ‘Grandpa Henry and I’ that will keep the whole family warm will open on December 3 at Yes24 Stage 1. At the 2nd Ticket Open scheduled for 11 am on December 2nd, a total of 22 performances will be open from December 22nd to January 3rd, and 20% early reservation discount will be provided for reservations made until December 11th.


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