GV held at the request of fans on the 29th of ‘Light for the Youth’

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Light for the Youth’ will hold a special GV at the Daehan Theater at 2 pm on the 29th at the request of fans. Director Shin Soo-won and actor Kim Ho-jeong attend the event to meet with the audience.

The film Light for the Youth’ is a dramatic reality depicting the whole story of a shocking incident left by life practice to lead to a bright future that everyone dreams of, through a mysterious clue that flows daily from a trainee who was found as a delinquent after disappearing after going to receive a card arrear It’s a mystery.

Since its release on the 28th of last month, it has continued to be screened for about a month, and it is still loved by many audiences. Audiences are “the most thoughtful movie of the year”, “a movie that leaves a lot of lingering”, “Try it It is highly recommended, saying, “We are talking about our reality, the story we need to do,” and “A movie that everyone who dreams of the sun should watch.

Thanks to the support of such audiences, a special GV will be confirmed on the 29th, and director Shin Soo-won and Kim Ho-jeong will have a time of sympathy by sharing in-depth stories about the movie with the audience. Following this special GV, we plan to organize another GV event to reward the support of the audience.

Director Shin Soo-won, the director of ‘Light for the Youth’, draws a self-portrait of us living in this era, revealing a deep thematic consciousness based on the solidarity of ‘Now, We’, to bring a light of hope to the youth of this era They convey and care for their pain with a warm hand. Kim Ho-jeong takes on the role of Se-yeon, the head of the contract center, and delicately depicts the feelings of a Parisian life worker. By realistically acting the figure of a person facing a mysterious event, he led the play while maintaining a tight sense of tension and received a lot of favorable reviews.

‘Light for the Youth’ is a new film by director Shin Soo-won, who won international film awards such as the Berlin International Film Festival and the Cannes International Film Festival, and won the Audience Award at the Korean Film Festival in Florence, Italy. He was invited to the East Asian Film Festival, the St. Paul International Film Festival in Minneapolis, USA, and the Malaysia International Film Festival.

‘Light for the Youth’ is being highly praised at theaters nationwide. Simultaneous VOD service of IPTV and digital theater can be launched and can be met on various platforms.


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