‘Queen Cheorin’ Shin Hye-sun and Kim Jeong-hyun “We will show you a different aspect of the historical drama and comedy that I wanted to try”

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Queen Cheorin’ Shin Hye-seon announced a hot acting transformation.

On the 25th, the TVN new Saturday drama ‘Queen Cheorin’ (played by Park Gye-ok Choi A-il, director Yoon Seong-sik), first aired on December 12th, was completely in possession of the ‘Kim So-yong’, a mid-day war with a modern free spirit, unlike the elegant appearance. A still cut of Shin Hye-sun was revealed.

‘Queen Cheorin’ depicts a scandal that takes place between Kim So-yong (played by Shin Hye-sun) and King Cheol-jong (played by Kim Jeong-hyun), a two-faced king, who often shows off himself. Kim So-yong, a chef of the Blue House, goes to Joseon dynasty by accident, and then she became a queen. All people in the palace are embarrassed by Kim So-yong who behaves unexpected ways unlike a queen. King Cheol-jong was embarrassed by her, who says “Stop pretending to be the king”, “Wow, you are quite weird. This is 2020, not Joseon dynasty”.

Above all, attention is being paid to the fact that it is the first historical drama challenge of Shin Hye-sun, who led the box office with her ever-changing acting. Meanwhile, in the photos that were released, the unusual tension of the world of queen Kim So-yong catches the eye. Kim So-yong runs around the palace in search of a way to return to the modern world, as if he could not believe the reality that had become a heavy war overnight. The sparkling eyes that do not match the elegant visuals cause a smile.

In the following photos, the sunlight surrounding her was used to illuminate her and she was also caught in a nice pose. The appearance of shouting ‘I want to go back~!’ is everywhere, and as if settling in the palace, the shift of the posture of ‘Blank Manrep’ induces interest. On the other hand, the appearance of So-Yong Kim at the reception of Suragan is also interesting. Kim So-yong, who’s the first in Chosun, Palace, and Queen. We are looking forward to seeing what kind of extraordinary survival period he will unfold by using his specialty cooking, with the spirit of the Blue House chef.

Shin Hye-sun said, “When I read the script, I felt that it was ‘fresh and fun.’ If I had the chance, I wanted to do a historical drama and comedy at least once, but I was attracted to an interesting script that spanned both genres. It is completely different from the character I have been acting so far, so I think I can show you another side of me.” She predicted the bombardment of laughter with an unpredictable charm, “Kim So-yong is a character that combines the souls of the ‘Joseon Dynasty Queen’ who lived under strict rules and the ‘bloody man’ living in Korea. It seems that the synergy will be maximized as the two characters who have no point of contact with the times, personality, tone, and action are woven together. The appearance of a wild horse running wild without knowing that the palace is scary will give not only a feeling of excitement but also a feeling of chewy tension.”

On the other hand, tvN’s new Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Queen Cheorin’ will be broadcast for the first time on Saturday, December 12, at 9 pm following the ‘Startup’.


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