Sleepy, trot song ‘It’s Because of Money’ MV hit more than 1 million…

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Sleepy’s first trot single, ‘It’s Because of Money’, released with his second characer ‘Sung-won’ is gaining popularity.

On the 29th of last month, the official music video of ‘It’s Because of Money (Prod. By Young-tak)’ was uploaded on Sleepy’s YouTube channel. Currently (26th) this video has exceeded 1 million.

Rapper Sleepy previously appeared on MBN’s entertainment program ‘Voice Trot’ and showed off his talent as a trot singer by showing a new genre of rap trot. Eventually, he debuted as a trot singer with his second character called ‘Sung-won’, named after his real name’Kim Sung-won’.

His debut song, ‘It’s Because of Money’, won the 2nd place ‘Sun’ in the trot audition program ‘Mr. Trot’, and Young-tak, who emerged as the hot star of the year, became a hot topic in production. Young-tak presented a rock sound-based rap trot song that could show off Sleepy’s strong charm. The lyrics that feel sadness for money and life are also attractive points of this song.

Sleepy added ‘Prod. By Young-tak’, and he expressed his gratitude to Young-tak, who gave him a masterpiece without receiving the song fee.

Netizens responded, “The song is bright and exciting”, “Young-tak gave Sleepy the perfect song”.

Sleepy’s return to ‘Sung-won’ raises expectations.

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