Song Gang “I’m always keen to act” [pictorial]

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

The pictorial and interview of actor Song Gang, who shows off a new acting every time, was released in the December issue of Marie Claire.

Along with the pictorial, he told an interesting story of the tvN drama ‘Navilera’, which is scheduled to air next year, and the Netflix original ‘Sweet Home’, which is about to be released, and ‘2 that rings if you like’.

Song Gang said about ‘Navilera’, “It’s my first time to play ballet and to match breathing with an actor with a lot of age difference, so I’m nervous, but thanks to Dr. Park In-hwan’s comfort, I’m taking a picture while having fun.”

In addition, ‘Sweet Home’, a work with a lot of CG work, showed expectation, saying that although he performed most of the scenes while watching the chroma key screen, he was curious how it would have been expressed in the actual work. On the other hand, he expressed special affection for the role of Sun-oh, who learned a lot while acting various emotions.

In the following interview, when I asked what thoughts he hasn’t let go of after starting an actor, he replied that he always longed for ‘acting’ that gives me the feeling that I was completely like me. To this end, he said he is trying to broaden his horizons.

Lastly, he said that it was the ‘shooting site’ that made him excited, and expressed his affection for his work by saying that he liked the energy of the scene.

Photo courtesy of Marie Claire

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