Dr. Kim Ji-yoon, get off at the tbs ‘Evening Show’ “I will communicate in various places”

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Dr. Kim Ji-yoon is leaving tbs FM ‘Kim Ji-yoon’s Evening Show'(hereinafter ‘Evening show’).

Kim Ji-yoon will get off at the ‘Kim Ji-yoon’s Evening Show’, which has been running for a year and two months since September 2019 after the last live broadcast on November 27.

Kim Ji-yoon said through her agency A9 Media, “I was really happy while conducting the ‘Evening Show’ for the interest and affection of the listeners. She added, “I want to share a wider conversation with more people in various places. I hope everyone will be healthy until we meet again.”

‘Kim Ji-yoon’s Evening Show’ is a tbs signage current affairs talk program that was broadcast during the radio golden time from 6 pm to 8 pm from Monday to Friday. She has communicated with listeners covering a wide range of topics ranging from popular culture such as movies and music as well as domestic politics, economy, society and international affairs. Kim Ji-yoon sometimes showed tears during live broadcasts over unfortunate stories and news, and was loved as a ‘consensual host’.

In particular, in the ‘Evening Show’, Kim Ji-yoon has shown her insights on international political and economic trends, which is her major field, without regret. In addition, in the interview section where people from various fields are invited, the new appearances of the cast members were drawn in a pleasant and caring appearance, and a good response from the listeners was elicited.

Kim Ji-yoon is currently receiving love calls from programs on various topics such as culture and entertainment, as well as current affairs. KBS 1TV’Street Supper’ and SBS ‘If You Do Politics’, etc., delivered a rather hard topic in entertainment and liberal arts programs easily and comfortably and received good reviews.

After graduating from Yonsei University’s Department of Political Science and Diplomacy, Kim Ji-yoon received a Master’s degree in Public Policy from California State University Berkeley and a Ph.D. in Political Science from MIT. From July 2018 to January 2020, he served as the moderator of MBC’s ‘100-Minute Discussion’ and is currently appearing in KBS1’s ‘The Correspondent Report World is Now’.

Also, ahead of the recent US presidential election, she published ‘How Election Seduces the Public’, and is communicating with the public through his own YouTube channel ‘Kim Ji-yoon TV’.


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