‘Fly Dragon Kwon Sang-woo x Bae Seong-woo to reconsider the murder case of Ohsung city

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Fly Dragon’ Kwon Sang-woo and Bae Seong-woo begin a new fight.

On the 27th, SBS Friday and Saturday drama ‘Fly Dragon’ (screenplay Park Sang-gyu, director Kwak Jeong-hwan) amplifies curiosity by revealing unusual changes of the ‘twin Parks’ combination Park Tae-yong (played by Kwon Sang-woo) and Park Sam-soo (played by Bae Seong-woo).

In the last broadcast, the struggle of two thousand dragons chasing a new case was drawn. Lee Yoo-gyeong (played by Kim Joo-hyun) turned to Park Tae-yong and Park Sam-soo for help as it became difficult to report on the misjudgment of the Supreme Court Chief Jo Ki-soo (played by Jo Seong-ha).

Faced with the truth of the spy incident in Jeju Island, which he had misjudged, Park Tae-yong immediately entered a reconsideration, and Park Sam-soo, triggered by the reporter’s ‘chuck’, began to cover the murder of a truck driver in Ohsung city. However, it was not easy to uncover the case that had already been closed. From the beginning, attention is focused on whether the two people who faced difficulties can find a breakthrough.

Meanwhile, the three-stage change of extreme emotions of Park Tae-yong and Park Sam-soo in the published photos stimulates curiosity. As Park Tae-yong and Park Sam-soo, who were going straight ahead without a brake in front of an injustice, the faces in deep distress are interesting. Park Tae-yong’s sudden behavior, which threatens with a sharp nib while holding Park Sam-soo’s fat, also raises curiosity. The appearance of Park Tae-yong, calmly looking at Park Sam-soo, whose eyes are red in the subsequent photos, predicts an unusual change.

Twin Parks, who had united with one sense of justice and reckless passion, achieved a miracle by leading the three-member retrial trial in Samjeong City. Park Tae-yong and Park Sam-soo burned their will while chasing the spy case in Jeju Island and the murder of a truck driver in Ohsung City, respectively, without time to breathe. Expectations are focused on the reversal of the realization of justice, which will become even hotter, as to what is the crisis that has stopped even those rushing with bare bodies.

The production crew of ‘Fly Dragon’ said, “On the broadcast today (27th), Park Tae-yong and Park Sam-soo uncover the truth of the murder of a truck driver in Ohsung City. Taking the crisis as an opportunity, please watch the two men who are fighting for a difficult fight.” He said, “As the hidden story of Park Sam-soo is revealed, the relationship with Park Tae-yong will change.”

Meanwhile, ‘Fly Dragon’ will be aired at 10 pm today (27th). It is also provided as a VOD (review) on a wave at the same time as broadcast.


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