‘Startup’ Nam Joo-hyuk, Yoo Su-bin, Kim Do-wan pictorial cut

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

It is raising the expectation index with the transformation of Nam Joo-hyuk, Yoo Su-bin, and Kim Do-wan, who have shown different charms in the tvN Saturday drama ‘Startup’.

After leaving for the San Francisco Silicon Valley in the tvN Saturday drama ‘Startup’ (played by Park Hye-ryeon, director Oh Chung-hwan), the appearance of Nam Do-san (played by Nam Joo-hyuk), Lee Chul-san (played by Yoo Su-bin), and Kim Yong-san (played by Kim Do-wan) after leaving for the San Francisco Silicon Valley.

The three men in the pre-published pictorial photos, as well as their confident expressions, from hairstyles to fashion, are unknowingly different from three years ago, attracting attention. Nam Do-san, in particular, erases the freshness of youth and exudes a more mature masculine beauty, deepened eyes, and a relaxed atmosphere, making the heart tremble.

However, as it reminds us of the past when wearing a checkered shirt with the three primary colors of light RGB (Red, Green, Blue), Nam Do-san is red, Kim Yongsan is green, and Lee Chul-san is blue.

In addition, this raises the curiosity of what kind of life-changing men would have changed after being recruited as developers of the world-class company Tusto.

In particular, attention is paid to whether the relationship between Nam Do-san and Seo Dal-mi, who had to choose an unavoidable breakup, could be reunited with Seo Dal-mi(Bae Suzy) and Jeong Saha(Stephanie Lee) who worked with Samsantech.

On the other hand, tvN Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Startup’, which depicts the start and growth of youth who have entered a startup dreaming of success in Korea’s Silicon Valley, is broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 9pm.


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