Actor Kim Seon-ho who bloomed with ‘Startup’ [MK Star]

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Kim Seon-ho met ‘Startup’ and flourished.

Kim Seon-ho, who debuted with the play ‘New Boing Boing’ in 2009, played an active part as a ‘theatrical idol’ through ‘Rooftop Room Cat’, ‘Sherlock’, ‘What I Haven’t Spoken in 7 Years’, and ‘The Purpose of Love’.

Kim Seon-ho, who debuted in the home theater through the 2017 KBS2 drama ‘Good Manager’, appeared in ‘Strongest Deliveryman’, ‘Two Cops’, ‘100 Days My Prince’, ‘Welcome to Waikiki 2’, and ‘Catch the Ghost’. He gradually started to show his face.

And Kim Seon-ho plays the role of Han Ji-pyeong in the tvN Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Startup’ (screenplay Park Hye-ryeon, director Oh Chung-hwan) and is gaining popularity in his prime.

In Startup, Kim Seon-ho, plays an active part as the ‘Daddy Long Legs’ of Seo Dal-mi (played by Bae Suzy). He helps the development of relationship between Seo Dal-mi and Nam Do-san.

Kim Seon-ho is loved by viewers by perfectly expressing the character of Han Ji-pyeong, who is cold but friendly to the one who gave her heart, with her delicate acting skills. The neat appearance that doesn’t feel any difference from the ‘Daddy Long Legs’ character is also gaining popularity and is in its heyday as a ‘sub-disease trigger’.

In addition, Kim Seon-ho is receiving a lot of attention from the public by appearing on KBS2’s entertainment program ‘2 Days & 1 Night Season 4’. Kim Seon-ho, nicknamed ‘Pop Siraegi’, is showing off his charm by revealing a full-fledged appearance unlike the appearance in the work.

Kim Seon-ho, who is having a more sincere busy day than anyone else, returns to the theater stage in less than a year after appearing in the play ‘Memory in Dream’ which ended last January. The play ‘Ice’, in which Kim Seon-ho joined, is a two-person play with a unique composition. It is the story of a 18-year-old boy who was pointed out as a suspect in a brutal murder case and two detectives who must make the boy a criminal. Kim Seon-ho will take on the role of ‘Detective 2’, which has a human aspect, unlike his rough appearance, to inspire new vitality in the work. The play ‘Ice’ will open on January 8, 2021 at the Sejong Center for the Arts S Theater.

It is Kim Seon-ho who is passing the most shining moment after his debut. Whether the flower path will continue in front of Kim Seon-ho, who is continuing his ten-day walk, he is more excited about his move.

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