‘Amhaengeosa’ Kim Myung-Soo, Kwon Na-ra, Lee Yi-kyung, teasers released

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Kim Myung-soo, Kwon Na-ra, and Lee Yi-kyung perform various activities through ‘Secret royal inspector’.

KBS2’s new Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Secret royal inspector: Chosun Secret Division’ (hereafter Secret royal inspector, director Kim Jung-min, playbook Park Sung-hoon Kang Min-seon, production iWill Media), which is scheduled to broadcast on December 21st at 9:30 pm The character teaser video was released. Short teaser videos containing the personality and charm of Kim Myung-soo, Kwon Na-ra, and Lee Yi-kyung further amplify the curiosity toward the first broadcast.

‘Secret royal inspector’ is an exciting comic mystery investigation by Secret royal inspector and the Eosadan, a secret investigator of the Joseon Dynasty royal family that fights corruption and fights corruption and relieves people’s resentment. In the teaser video released today (30th), there is a surname. Seong Yi-gyeom(played by Kim Myung-soo), Hong Da-in(played by Kwon Na-ra), and Park Chun-sam(played by Lee Yi-kyung) in the form of interviews are creating a different kind of fun by confessing their grievances as a division.

First, Seong Yi-gyeom, who was appointed as Secret royal inspector, replied, “It is a law that you should not save your life by sleeping.” However, it turns out that he is a hard-worker who enjoys gambling every night, and a turnaround occurs. Attention is focused on whether Seong Yi-gyeom, who seems far from being innocent and innocent, can complete the mission of Secret royal inspector.

Hong Da-in, who hides Damo’s identity, disguises herself as a courtesan, and watches over high-ranking officials, also makes a laugh. However, when asking about breathing with the word, it is foretold to show a chemistry of sanggeuk, avoiding the answer by sharply solidifying his expression. Soon afterwards, the quarrel between Seong Yi-gyeom and Hong Da-in, struggling as if they were in a difficult situation in prison, was drawn, raising questions about what kind of relationship the two people, like Gyeonwonji, will meet.

Finally, the turbulent episode of Seong Yi-gyeom’s body type Park Chun-sam makes a storm laugh. On behalf of Hong Da-in, he is being threshed by pozols, and he is also in charge of raising children, washing clothes, and cooking. The voice of Park Chun-sam who vomits, saying, “I wanted to live a new life at least once out of this damn nobi life,” is expected to show his unrivaled presence as a member of the ASSO.

As such, ‘Secret royal inspector’ reveals teaser videos of characters with strong personality, predicting the birth of a ‘youth historical drama’ that will bring new winds to the home theater.

‘Secret royal inspector’ first aired on December 21 at 9:30 pm.


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